Cat Snack Bar MOD 1.0.112 (Shopping, Free Rewards, Cooking No CD)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/05/2024
Cat Snack Bar MOD {{version}} (Shopping, Free Rewards, Cooking No CD)
Name Cat Snack Bar
Version v1.0.112
Size 132MB
MOD Features Shopping, Free Rewards, Cooking No CD
Support Android 5.1 trở lên
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers TREEPLLA


Cat Snack Bar – Cute and adorable cat restaurant. The place will have every dish that animal customers want to enjoy. Do you want to own a restaurant, a pet cafe? Come to Cat Snack Bar, you will be accompanied by lovely cats and are very good at cooking. Over time, you will unlock more new types of characters and master many different recipes. One person washes vegetables, one person cuts vegetables and the third person prepares other jobs. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

In addition to food, players can also make their own delicious juices. Serve efficiently and impress customers with your skills, they will come back for more. In addition to running the cafe, you will also have the opportunity to take care of the cats in your shop. Pet them, feed them and play with them to make sure they’re happy and healthy. By consistently delivering special results, you’ll earn treasures and upgrade your cafe to make it bigger and better. The game promises to bring you absolute relaxation, effective stress relief.

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Entering the game, you will control a cat friend to receive orders from guests. The order is then brought to the kitchen. The chef receives and starts to cook delicious dishes according to the request. The kitchen of Cat Snack Bar can cook any dish. From drinks such as coffee, cocoa, juice, to a variety of delicious dishes, cakes such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs,… After using the ingredients, successfully created delicious dishes according to the requirements of customers. . Another cat will play the role of a waiter bringing food to the table for diners. The entire progress takes place in the game with support from the idle mechanic, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Despite its idleness, the game also presents players with significant management challenges.

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Specifically, you have to calculate so that everything is in order, ensuring the quality of the Cat Snack Bar restaurant. In parallel with the assigned activities, daily reception of customers is inventory planning, hiring chefs. Calculate the amount sold and collected to maximize customer satisfaction and not keep customers waiting too long. At the same time, you also have to balance Costs with Profits. So that the future can accumulate enough to continuously expand. With consistency and smart decisions, you can easily become a top tycoon. Serve delicious food and warmly greet everyone who enters your restaurant.

Simple gameplay

The simplicity of the gameplay helps Cat Snack Bar Mod quickly win the hearts of players around the world. Accordingly, you simply need to follow the familiar development sequence. It is taking orders from customers, making delicious food. Let customers enjoy the great taste of the food and make a profit. Each level requires you to complete specific tasks, such as cooking and feeding the cats. While this sounds simple, it can be quite challenging to keep up with customer demand.

With this standard workflow, you can safely go offline to do other things. When I returned, I could still see that my restaurant was running smoothly. It is thanks to the idle feature but still requires the overall management skills of this player. Cat Snack Bar is the perfect game for everyone. As long as you have a love for cats and cute animals. Or often find fun with games designed in a pretty, pastel, light style. It’s a fun filled game, with simple yet strategic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and endless replayability.

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Expand the restaurant and collect cute cats

Profits you make from the business model will be used for many different purposes in the game Cat Snack Bar. The most important thing is still to use it to restructure the kitchen and buy new equipment, helping the restaurant grow. At the same time, you can also scale up your store operations to be able to serve more customers. Gradually, the needs of customers will also become diverse over time. So try to fully meet their requirements.

With each new level, the player will open all new buildings that can be placed anywhere on the map. When reaching a certain amount, the player will be able to expand the territory. It is noteworthy that for each building, the player will have to search and hire workers.

In addition, players will receive cats in the Cat Snack Bar Mod after an unusual ritual. There was a feeling that they appeared here from the stars in the sky. The characters here will vary in rarity, appearance and even characteristics. Some cats will be suitable for harvesting certain produce. While, others are more suitable for cooking. And you can improve your workers by increasing their rank. Represented by a certain number of stars.

Game Cat Snack Bar Mod

Cartoon graphics, colorful sounds

First, let’s talk about the graphics in the game with high definition and sharp images. This will create a more enjoyable feeling for players every time they play the Cat Snack Bar game. Everything is incredibly detailed, from the cafe interior to the cats themselves. At the same time, you can also arbitrarily decorate your store in different styles through the available decorative objects.

Besides the quality graphics, there are also beautiful sound effects. Top notch effects, enriching the exciting in-game experience. Cat meows and purrs will make you feel peaceful even in the most difficult levels.

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While it may seem daunting at first, you’ll quickly get the hang of it and create a thriving restaurant. Unleash your chef talent and management with Cat Snack Bar. Right now, download and set up your own restaurant, cafe. Take on all the challenges and become the top tycoon! Let’s enjoy the highly entertaining business game on your own mobile phone.

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