Cat War2 MOD APK 2.4 (Full Money, Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Cat War2 MOD APK 2.4 (Full Money, Diamonds)
Name Cat War2
Version v2.4
Size 39MB
MOD Features Full Money, Diamonds
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers WestRiver


Like a strategy game, but, Cat War2 has an extremely new and interesting storyline. We, humans, consider dogs and cats to be two familiar animals. From another angle, their two kingdoms were starting to fight. Chaos. The setting is two separate countries ruled by dogs and cats. But the monopoly and the disputes have now led to fierce battles. Join the player as the commander of the cat kingdom. It is necessary to rise up and lead the army of cats to avoid increasing oppression. A tough but also very cute battle between the two armies brings us moments of fun. There are still many interesting things waiting ahead. Experience all the features of this exciting game right now.

Download Cat War2 MOD – The War Between the Two Kingdoms of Dogs and Cats

Two kingdoms that were once peaceful have now become in conflict and from there this war broke out. Dominant bosses want to prove their power in Cat War2. The king of dogs should start the shootings first. War is no longer bearable. The army of the cat kingdom is ready to fight. As a commander, the player has the responsibility to control everything. Coordinate and send troops to support the war. There are many things to take care of in the military, and many ways to take your fighting army to the next level. In tactical battles like this. The key to victory is how to play, how to think about the war, and how to optimize the strength of the army.

Cat War2 Mod

Attractive gameplay

In Cat War2 the wars will happen for a long time. Be the commander of soldiers with different stats in your own way. There are many soldiers with different stats and granted unique abilities and powers. The premise to which these soldiers can be assigned is calculated per fish. The more fish, the commander will call out soldiers with higher quality and stats. Cat soldiers with more fish will optimize their launch strategy. Need to summon troops in the correct order to be able to balance. Combine abilities to get the ultimate fighting power against the enemy. Depending on the current level of the enemy choose correctly. It doesn’t cost too much to summon many soldiers with lots of fish.

Game Cat War2 Mod

Features and unique graphics

To build a rich country in Cat War2 Mod, the army must be strong. It takes a lot of work to gather resources. Invest in the right things and reap the benefits. Use the army to be able to win every battle. Win great gifts to create a stronger army. Along with that, the game’s graphics are designed with 2D casual graphics. Brings smooth stability and no stutter. Character images are charmingly designed and mixed with fiery warriors to show strength. The character system in the game is also very diverse. Each character has a completely different nuance. Adding to the cuteness, bloody warriors are now waiting to wage wars.

Cat War2 Mod

In short, Cat War2 is an interesting strategy game. With the Mod version, now coins are no longer important. We will experience extremely useful features. Help a lot in the tough fight to win. An unlimited amount of money to spend, buy and upgrade important things in each battle. Coins are always very important. You need to accumulate a lot of time to be able to do what you want. Now, players will no longer worry. Enjoy the experience and fight to protect the kingdom from invasion right now.

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