Cats & Soup MOD 2.39.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Max Level, Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/03/2024
Cats & Soup MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Max Level, Shopping)
Name Cats & Soup
Version v2.39.0
Size 78MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Max Level, Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers HIDEA


If you are too bored with action and survival games. Then this will be a game that brings moments of relaxation for cats. Cats & Soup is a super cute cat simulation game. The cats are very hardworking and love to cook soup. Here you will be the commander, assigning work and coordinating the groups of cats. Their mission is to create a delicious soup to sell to residents for money. The money earned will be used to build houses, and unlock ingredients and kitchen tools. Or shop for clothes for them. Along with such leisurely gameplay. Make players fall in love with gentle, melodious melodies. It’s like living in the fairy tale world of cats.

Download Cats & Soup Mod – Immerse yourself in the dreamy cat world

There are many types of simulation games on the market. But Cats & Soup has a unique point that other games do not have. Voted the best game this year. Since its launch, it has been well received by many people around the world. Because of its usefulness. The game really melts so many gamers with its gentle, relaxing gameplay. With lovely graphics. Highlight the world of cats. Where you can meet cats from the future. They can cook and move on two legs. Work like adventurers become real chefs and more. This seems to be the most magical world of cats, with no competition, fights, or complicated quests. Your job will be to guide the cats to cook a delicious soup. Just like a mother guiding her child.

Cats & Soup Mod

Manage your cat group

Start the game and enter the futuristic world of cats. There you can meet and interact with many of them. Game Cats & Soup allows players to nickname their favorite cats. Decorate it with clothes, hats, glasses, hairpins… Besides, pay attention to feeding them the right foods. Some of them love to eat fish so they need to find fish for them. You need to join the mini-game to catch fish. Moreover, you can comfortably decorate your home with beautiful furniture. Over time, the game allows unlocking new cats. So players can create a world just for them.

Download the Cats & Soup mod

Make the best soups

When participating in Cats & Soup, the main task is still to cook soup. To do this, it is necessary to categorize the cats into different stages. The first is the ingredients, the cats have to work hard to create the ingredients for the soup. Next, after harvesting, the ingredients need to be cleaned, peeled, sliced, sifted, and cooked. Designate a group to perform these steps. The remaining group will collect firewood, and light a fire, and the other group will cook to create a complete soup. After a few steps, they can make the most delicious soups. Then you can sell it to earn money to buy other necessary items.

Game Cats & Soup Mod

Besides, Cats & Soup will also gradually unlock soup recipes. Over time, the formulas will become more and more complex, requiring meticulousness at each stage. You need to assign tasks to the cats appropriately. Just touch the screen and follow the instructions. But you can also arrange everything yourself. Then you can also shop for upgrades to speed up your workflow. The town will also receive many new cats to help you with different soup recipes.

Build unique buildings

In the process of selling soup to residents, you will receive a sum of money. Players can use them to build different structures in the game Cats & Soup. It can be small huts, cooking areas, rest areas, communal playgrounds, etc. You also need to upgrade and expand to accommodate the growing number of people. Moreover, it is possible to expand the village to many new areas. There are many islands waiting to be discovered to bring them to settle.

tai Cats & Soup Mod

Cats & Soup gives players moments of relaxation after stressful and tiring working hours. Come here with friends or family to cook with the adorable cats. Mod feature brings a comfortable user experience. When shopping for supplies to make soup. Can play and join hands to cook a delicious soup. So what are you waiting for without experiencing it right away?

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