Caves (Roguelike) Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 05/12/2023
Caves (Roguelike) Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Name Caves (Roguelike)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 35MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher 36dev


Right from the name Caves (Roguelike) Mod has shown that this is a dungeon game. Created by 36dev team designed with a multitude of levels. Challenge players to go on adventures, and explore dark dungeons. A place where light is also difficult to penetrate, full of mysteries with monsters everywhere. Become a hero that brings bravery and courage to the depths of the dungeon. Desire to gain greater power, and find rewards that are distributed everywhere. As well as for players to have new experiences, have moments of entertainment. Prove your ability to score high achievements, and clear the whole game.

Download Caves (Roguelike) Mod – Uncover the Mystery of the Dark Dungeon

Try the feeling of becoming a hero with iron armor through the game Caves (Roguelike) Mod. Players will be role-playing the character participating in the adventure in the dungeon. A place that hides a lot of mysteries waiting to be discovered. In a place covered in darkness, only the surroundings can be seen in a narrow radius. Definitely indispensable for fearsome monsters, ready to attack anyone when approaching. But it is also impossible to ignore this dangerous dark dungeon that contains a lot of equipment and rare items. Items that contain infinite power, just need to work hard to definitely get a harvest. At the same time as you go deeper, the difficulty is increased with new monsters. Sometimes there are bosses with absolute power to defend. But surely there is no way to survive for the coward.Game Caves (Roguelike) Mod

Special Dungeon Design

The designer created Caves (Roguelike) Mod with many levels and challenges for players to experience. Those are differently designed dungeons with all kinds of monsters. There is almost no place like the other. All dungeons are connected through a small path, but when you go through everything you see will be completely new. With dangers and many mysteries waiting ahead. Meanwhile, the vision is always limited, each step can only be based on the map. Meanwhile, each dungeon has its own treasures. It will need players to explore and expand new paths to get valuable items.Caves (Roguelike) Mod

Diverse Armory

For a place as scary as a dungeon full of monsters, equipment was definitely a must. Caves (Roguelike) Mod is built with a full arsenal of weapons. From close-range attacks like daggers, marks, and all kinds of swords, to long-range items like bows and arrows. Just having the right choice will greatly enhance the character’s strength. Guaranteed victory defeats every monster that overcomes difficulties to explore the next dungeon. Armor, hand shields, and helmets are also extremely useful items. Increases survivability when suddenly attacked by enemies. If making all those items to the maximum level. It is certain that the character will have a huge advantage every time there is a dispute.Download Caves (Roguelike) Mod

Character Level Up

Game Caves (Roguelike) Mod is designed in addition to being able to upgrade for equipment, it can be upgraded for the character itself. With more than ten levels to strive for. But it will be necessary to obtain sufficient energy as required. High levels will also need a corresponding amount and will increase gradually. Although it takes a lot of work to meet the requirements to progress. But it will certainly increase a lot of strength and attributes of the character. Increases damage and defense percentage when fighting monsters. Guaranteed victory even in front of powerful enemies. In addition, there is not only one but also many characters to choose from. Comfortable for players to explore and try.Tai Caves (Roguelike) Mod

Caves (Roguelike) Mod is designed with a lot of items to buy. Or to upgrade equipment and weapons to ensure the power to destroy the enemy. Or even upgrading yourself requires money. Therefore, it requires players to try a lot to meet the requirements. It will be very hard, have to fight continuously, and prioritize the reward chest. So the mod was created with an unlimited money feature. Spoiled so that players can own the most expensive items. Feel free to shop to equip the character to the best state. To explore the entire dark dungeon.

Download Caves (Roguelike) MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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