City Island 4 Mod 3.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Island)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/02/2024
City Island 4 Mod 3.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Island)
Name City Island 4
Version v3.4.1
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Unlock the island
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games


Have you ever had a dream to build your own city? Come to City Island 4 Mod. It will make your wish come true. It is the sequel to the series of dream city-building games. Here the player will become the one who covers all activities in the city. As a builder, architect, and mayor of the city… Starting from bare, barren land, hard work has to be done to transform it into a modern and crowded center. Not only build high-quality buildings and structures but also develop transportation systems. Also provide electricity services, roads, schools, stations… The best utilities to attract residents. The happier their residents, the more profits they make.

Download City Island 4 Mod – Build a Prosperous Island City

Surely players are no strangers to city-building games in previous parts. But City Island 4 Mod is really one of the best construction simulation games on the phone. Like many previous versions, this game offers a large open city. There, you can build everything you ever wanted. At the beginning of the game, no cities have been formed. Need players to build from barren wild islands. With your creativity and top-notch thinking. I firmly believe that the island will become the dream city that everyone dreams of. But it is also a challenge, requiring patience in the long run. Let’s try to create a poetic city of our own right now.City Island 4 Mod

Turn a desert island into a big city

City Island 4 Mod is set on a small unspoiled island. There is nothing here but trees and bare ground. This is the perfect place to start a big city. Let’s start taking advantage of what is available. With a small amount of money subsidized from the start, don’t fantasize too much about tall buildings. Start and work towards the small things first. Build small buildings, small factories, narrow streets, and some parks of modest size. Make sure to connect the plants correctly by road. Because the products of the factories have to be transported to many places before they can be sold for money. In addition, more offices are needed to attract City Island 4 Mod

Over time experience City Island 4 Mod. Your cities will become more and more profitable. The player can then use the money to buy more materials and upgrade buildings. Transform buildings, small apartments into apartments. With modest parks in tropical centers, and small factories in huge industrial zones. At the same time, it is possible to build more commercial centers, commercial centers, and markets… Don’t forget to add services for residents such as firefighting, medical, community services, and building maintenance. … Happy people are the foundation that promotes the progress of the entire city. This is also the basis for expanding the city into a lavish metropolis.

Construction of a transport system

In particular, City Island 4 Mod is not just an ordinary simulation game. But there’s also the element of management. In other words, not just building the city to be admired, but making it thrive. To create a human rhythm. In the city, attention should be paid to the transportation system. There are many typical modes of transport such as road, railway, sea, and cargo… Therefore, it is necessary to build roads, highways, railways and trains, docks, and modes of transport. Systems, airports, and aircraft systems are also essential. Also, place them in convenient locations to streamline transportation and save costs.City Island 4 Mod

Vivid picture, sound

Like many previous installments, also designed with 3D graphics. Therefore, providing the most comfortable user experience with detailed and sharp images. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Even zoom in or out to admire its beauty from multiple angles. Also, the city of but can change seasonally and based on weather conditions to satisfy your exploration. Immerse yourself in its movement from spring and summer to autumn and winter. Along with that, there is also a lively sound system after each operation. Create excitement every time you start something.City Island 4 Mod

In short, City Island 4 Mod is a game worth experiencing. This is really the ideal place to build the virtual city of your dreams. Just touch the screen to create houses and roads. Can do whatever you want. Turn vacant land into bustling urban areas. There are hundreds of different types of buildings and dozens of islands for players to explore.

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