City Island 5 Mod 4.10.1 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/04/2024
City Island 5 Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name City Island 5
Version v4.10.1
Size 93MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Sparkling Society


City Island 5 Mod is the next version of the amazing dream city-building genre. A simulation game that takes you to beautiful islands. A place where houses and structures can be built. Try to create different styles for each island visited. Turn it from a wild island into a bustling metropolis with many inhabitants. We need a clear strategy to speed up construction, attract residents and earn money. Big profits through various services. Build a house not only to look at but also to do business and make money. Brings the happiness of the occupants and also the player’s own career. Join and become rich to be able to create many houses for residents to live in.

Download City Island 5 Mod – Build a Dream City

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a contractor for big projects? City Island 5 Mod will be an extremely reasonable choice right now. You are designed by the famous publisher Sparkling Society. It is the fifth installment of the city building simulation game series. Possessing many interesting new points, bringing many beautiful scenes. Simple interactive gameplay on mobile devices. Players have the opportunity to explore more than 9 different islands with their own themes. And this is the time to show off your aesthetic and constructive talents. To make this island your dream home. Build a city under a volcano or in a snowy land. Unleash your creativity to create your own city.City Island 5 Mod

Renovating the wasteland

Join City Island 5 Mod at a time when the land was still very wild and uninhabited. With the desire to build the city of dreams. Decided to turn them into colorful cities. Start by establishing your land with small buildings and then shops, restaurants, parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, streets, vehicles… Feel it The rhythm of life takes shape gradually. Life accumulates and gets busier than ever when the job is done.City Island 5 Mod

Reach a certain stage in City Island 5 Mod. Residents will naturally come to the land with the desire to settle down for a long time. Therefore, do not abandon them, but continuously upgrade the island \ with new constructions. Green the park with flowers, add electricity, water, transport services, build a stadium, organize sports and display brilliant fireworks… And don’t forget to hire the right staff to care for the facilities. Various services around the island. They will reach out to residents, learn and meet the needs of all residents.

Explore the beautiful island

City Island 5 Mod offers many different locations to explore. Includes 9 beautiful islands where you can send your hot air balloon and settle down. Every place you go through has its own beauty. Unique, but they are all ideal locations to build the city of your dreams. Rows of buildings can be built under a volcano, next to a hot spring, or on the same land that is covered with snow year-round. Everything is possible if there is enough money to buy and renovate buildings. Therefore, each island must be built in a different way. If you run out of ideas, you can visit your friends and see their designs and City Island 5 Mod

Colorful 3D graphics

City Island 5 Mod is indeed a game that should be experienced. Bring in a harmonious 3D design. The works appear clearly and truthfully down to the smallest detail. Create an incredibly realistic fantasy world. The game background is always colorful and the rhythm of life in the city is very fluid and lively. The store is also extremely rich with hundreds of options for buildings, people, backgrounds, decorations… It’s really too perfect to be able to create your own cities. Accompanied by lively sound. Always a player’s companion in every experience. Relax with happy moments and enjoy the melodious background music. This is a way to release all the pressure and show your own constructive ability.City Island 5 Mod

In short, City Island 5 Mod is the most preferred choice for those who are passionate about the construction simulation genre. It has all the elements to satisfy the player’s experience needs. It is simple gameplay, a rich item system, and vivid graphics. Everything is ready to give players the best experience. Come here and start turning the most unspoiled islands into a living paradise.

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