City Racing 3D MOD APK 5.9.5082 (Unlimited money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/10/2023
City Racing 3D MOD APK 5.9.5082 (Unlimited money)
Name City Racing 3D
Version v5.9.5082
Size 56MB
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.4+
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers 3DGames


If you are looking for a racing game, come to City Racing 3D MOD APK. This is a game no less interesting than Asphalt 9 or any other racing game. It does not require your device to have a large capacity or high configuration. The game is packed with some very desirable features. Introduced as a great 3D racing game and attracted millions of gamers worldwide. Here, you will be participating in exciting car races. Own many super hot cars, racing car system and unique map. You can choose, customize, and upgrade your car to your liking and take it anywhere from the beautiful city.

Download City Racing 3D MOD – Experience the best racing game in the city

With realistic 3D design and surreal physics driving mechanics has taken City Racing 3D hack to the next level. Promises to bring you the most intense races on beautiful highways. Includes races for amateur, elite, professional, sightseeing and world. Here, you will not need to care about the rules, traffic police or signs. This is your track and other racers. The simple driving mechanism makes it easy to reach. There are no limits to rewards and achievements. So put in more effort to race faster and win bigger bonuses.

Download City Racing 3D MOD

Outrun every opponent and don’t slow down in professional races. Undeniably, the races in the inner circle of the tournament have many talented opponents. Therefore, you will have a hard time getting to the finish line before them in the City Racing 3D game. But this problem will probably be solved when you control more proficiently. Master the technique of drifting and own a racing car with a powerful engine. Handle in the neatest way on all professional roads. Show yourself as the most skilled racer by passing all the tests to the finish line.

Discover unique game modes

City Racing 3D Mod has up to 4 modes for you to freely choose. Each mode unlocks car races according to its own content. In career mode, will open hundreds of interesting quests. You’ll drive to complete timed challenges, hunting loot to upgrade your account. Next is the 1vs1 mode, where you will play with a random opponent. You have to race faster than your opponent to win on each track. Besides, in Time Trials mode, your goal is time and speed. You need to race as fast as you can to conquer the checkpoints in a limited time. One of the most desirable features in the game is the multi-player mode.

Tải City Racing 3D MOD

Hack City Racing 3D supports connection through LAN. You and your friends just need to connect to the same wifi network, then create a room and join the race. Having someone to compete with will make you feel not alone, right? This game is pretty well optimized. Latency when people connect and play in Multi-player is very low, almost none. That’s how this game wins the hearts of the players.

On the track, you can control your car by tilting the screen left or right. At the same time, you can control the car’s speed with the accelerator and nitro tank. When the nitro tank is full, you should use it to speed up and outrun your opponents.

Upgrade racing cars, expand the map

The collection of racing cars in the game City Racing 3D will make you feel surprised. The garage holds most of the popular sports racing cars. From Ford GT, Ferrari F series to extremely powerful Lamborghinis. Now, owning a supercar is at your fingertips. Moreover, the game also integrates customization. You can change the appearance, paint color as desired. You can even upgrade the car’s parts, to increase performance and speed. Visit the turbo engine upgrade and customization section to improve the car’s stats. The higher these stats, the better the vehicle’s performance. You will have the opportunity to get the upper hand on every track.

Game City Racing 3D MOD

The world’s most famous tracks are ready in your racing journey. City Racing 3D will give you the opportunity to race around the busiest metropolises like Tokyo, Paris, London, Masacao and more. Each place has its own landscape and track, designed in detail and full of life. You will be adventure around the world in your favorite car. But don’t forget, you always have different challenges in each location. The difficulty will increase when starting a new race. From there, you have the opportunity to improve your skills, as well as gain more experience to be able to overcome more difficult challenges. Make an effort to conquer them and become the most famous racer on the planet.

Realistic 3D graphics, smooth motion

There seems to be no point to complain about the graphics quality of City Racing 3D Mod. It is designed on 3D graphics platform. Delivers sharp and realistic images. Pictures of racing cars are described in detail, along with the characteristic engine sounds of each vehicle. Besides, the view of the track will surprise you with a high level of detail. The terrain is intricately simulated with winding routes. The city with its buildings, signs and traffic lights will appear beautifully before your eyes. Every movement of the car on the track is also extremely smooth. In addition, the weather conditions are sunny, rainy, stormy and clear. Everything that happens is reproduced extremely realistically.

Hack City Racing 3D MOD

Join the city, race with the world’s top racers in City Racing 3D Mod. Become the best to come out of the races. Take advantage of the power of your own car. Enjoy endless racing challenges through powerful ramps and levels. Compete on the track with rivals with street racing experience. Practice your best driving skills and be the winner back to first place. Right now, download City Racing 3D game to explore these exciting experiences.

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