Coffee Craze Mod APK 1.018.008 (Unlimited Drinks)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/11/2023
Coffee Craze Mod APK 1.018.008 (Unlimited Drinks)
Name Coffee Craze
Version v1.018.008
Size 63MB
MOD Features Unlimited drinks
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Fiveamp


You are a coffee enthusiast and want to own a chain of stores for yourself. Coffee Craze Mod is the first choice. A simulation game to build and manage cafes and restaurants. It will bring attraction to simple and interesting gameplay. Along with many unique features. Join the game, and learn how to become the boss of a cafe restaurant. The job is to lead the bartender, manage the staff, and improve and expand the restaurant. You see long lines of customers waiting to receive their favorite drink. And that is the earning potential that you get in this game. Delight all coffee lovers with unique recipes. Soon this place will become a coffee empire.

Download Coffee Craze Mod – Become the Owner of a Chain of Caffe Stores

In addition to the game of cooking food. Then drinks like coffee also became the focus of mobile games, mainly Coffee Craze Mod. It is a rare opportunity to have a free caffe restaurant. You start with a small capital and a decent store in the alley. With hard work and a reasonable business strategy, it can be turned into a chain of coffee shops appearing everywhere in the world. What to do is also quite simple. Everything is easy, fun, and more addictive than each player’s imagination. The special thing is that this game can even work offline. Even your cafe restaurant will still make a profit if you leave the game.Coffee Craze Mod

Enjoy the idle brewing process

At the start of Coffee Craze Mod players can unlock a bartender with a small amount of capital. Just click on the screen to do this and you will see a counter with 2 employees. They prepare their own coffee and serve customers. In addition, there will be a small robotic arm that transfers drinking water to other places in the restaurant. This output and service process is simple. But that is if you only have a small cafe restaurant. Then there will be more cafe frenzy. It gets really crowded when customers fill up the queue. It can be messy when not managed properly.Coffee Craze Mod

Over time experience Coffee Craze Mod. Players will earn a lot of money if they continue to improve the restaurant. Up to 30 pharmacies can be unlocked in each restaurant. Build an entire chain of coffee shops under your own brand. In addition, it is necessary to buy more equipment, from coffee machines to conveyors, transport robots, refrigerators… The restaurant area in particular also needs to be upgraded. With new decorations. Just visit the game store and you will find everything you need. But the problem is the account limit. Work hard to serve more customers and earn more money to buy and upgrade necessary items.

Unlock and upgrade staff

To really experience Coffee Craze Mod requires professional staff. This includes bartenders, delivery people, bartenders, and even captains… Each type of employee performs different tasks. But they will help keep the Caffe restaurant running smoothly and efficiently. To accelerate the progress, even more, it is necessary to upgrade its staff. Turn them into real machines that work 24/7 without getting tired. After exiting the game, all guests will continue to be served.Coffee Craze Mod

Lovely pictures, funny music

Coffee Craze Mod is suitable for many players. Not only because of the idle gameplay but also because of its friendly graphics. Bringing beautiful and fun cartoon pictures. In addition, details such as machines, systems, tools… They are also quite realistic. The scene of the cafe restaurant is always bustling with customers coming in and out. With fun background music, and interesting scenery. So this game is really a good choice to relax after stressful working days.Download Coffee Craze Mod

Don’t regret not being able to experience Coffee Craze Mod. As a famous game, since its launch, it has received a lot of support from people around the world. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the process of running a cafe-restaurant in your spare time. Discover hundreds of the latest recipes here. And of course, the restaurant will benefit greatly from the sale of coffee.

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