Coffee Stack Mod 30.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/03/2024
Coffee Stack Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Coffee Stack
Version v30.0.2
Size 122MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 6.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Rollic Games


Bring the delicious taste from the cup of coffee to customers. Follow the growth gameplay that takes place in the game Coffee Stack Mod. Opens up an exciting activity on the bartending quest. But done in a whole new way. Instead of bartending on the counter to serve customers. In this game, you will create your own unique flavored coffee cups on a chain. The goal is to earn a lot of money to expand the coffee shop. As well as upgrading to grow bigger and stronger. Aim to create your own coffee empire. From there will make a lot of money to become a rich boss. Besides, you will enjoy vivid 3D graphics. With a combination of bright picture quality.

Download Coffee Stack Mod – Make Coffee Cups To Sell To Customers

The gameplay of Coffee Stack Mod is very interesting and fun. On a production line that produces cups of coffee. You will have to perform many different operations in a process. Start by collecting the paper cups in a long line. Then navigate through the coffee dispenser. When reaching a certain stage, it will be necessary to continue to change direction to close the assembly. Also, pack on the cup to make it stand out. Throughout the process, you will have to avoid obstacles. They will affect the quality of the coffee cup. Even cause your chain to stop working if it collides many times into the pitfalls. This causes the mission to fail and have to be replayed to complete.Coffee Stack Mod

Mixing challenges by level

Perform coffee-making tasks according to each level of play in the Coffee Stack Mod. From there will open a series of missions with different challenges. But the content still revolves around the activity of creating coffee cups on the line. Each level that takes place will bring its own exciting gameplay for you to enjoy. Excellent completion of the goal to advance to the finish line. Then sell to your customers in a long line. Through the quiz, enough coffee to sell to the passengers behind will get more money. At the same time, the achievement will be shown through the number of points according to the ascending ladder. To successfully complete a level will need to not miss a single brewing activity on the line. That will help you accumulate a large profit to develop.Game Coffee Stack Mod

Many factors change

Continue the quest in the next brewing levels of Coffee Stack Mod. There will be many changes to make it more interesting. But at the same time, there are challenges that stand in the way. Makes your brewing process more susceptible to damage. For example, the number of traps that appear will increase more than before. At the same time, the cups of coffee that can be created will be more diverse. This means that on the line there will be many stages of preparation for you to perform. By changing direction, control the long line of cups to move through. After reaching the finish line start selling coffee cups to waiting customers. The amount of money earned will be very large and certainly more than before if you do not miss a step.Tai Coffee Stack Mod

Many stages

To complete the most delicious cups of coffee in Coffee Stack Mod. Will have to go through many stages on the chain. Follow a basic route to making a cup of coffee. Starting from collecting the cups, pouring the coffee in, assembling, to labeling. Then will sell to customers waiting to make money. Keep taking on new levels. The stages will have changes. This means that the brewed cups of coffee will be different. Through it, you will learn about many types of coffee. At the same time, we will explore in detail each stage of creation.


As was introduced about the obstacle in the process of making coffee on the line. A lot of different obstacles appear. They are the pitfalls that will affect your process. Some pitfalls can be mentioned in Coffee Stack Mod. For example, spike traps, thrusters, and inertia swinging axes floating in the air. Much more will be known after new levels. Each obstacle will have its own mechanism of action. For example, the pusher will knock over and move the row of cups that you have worked so hard to collect. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid them, not to touch them.Download Coffee Stack Mod

To build a modern and beautiful coffee shop in Coffee Stack Mod. It will be necessary to use the money to unlock the equipment in turn. As well as upgrading to help them become more modern. For example, tables and chairs, counter tables, dispensers, plants, shelves, and cash registers. There are many more items that will be unlocked after many levels are completed. Besides the need to combine it with your design. Decorate the store beautifully with different placements. Over time, gradually complete a store.

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