Coin Master MOD 3.5.1640 (Menu, Unlock All, Full Money, Spins, Unlimited Cards)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Coin Master MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlock All, Full Money, Spins, Unlimited Cards)
Name Coin Master
Version v3.5.1640
Size 70MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlock All, Full Money, Spins, Unlimited Cards
Support Android 4.4+
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Moon Active


A game that brings a lot of emotions every time you experience it. Coin Master has a very simple but super addictive gameplay that you should not ignore. Join the game, you can participate in the lottery. To win random loot, simply one click on the screen. Here, items can drop randomly depending on each spin. Includes as coins, attack cards, loot cards, protection cards or even treasures. Use the bonus from the results of those spins. Fight to build your own pirate island. Feel free to attack your friends’ islands. Or steal gold from their village for you to add more coins. Conversely, it is also possible to share resources with friends and connect with them.

Download Coin Master Mod – Join the Spins to Build Your Own Island

This version game Coin Master has attracted millions of players since its launch. It has simple game mechanics and attractive visual design, suitable for everyone. Join the game, you will have a large community of players. From there, you can communicate and interact with many other people. But the way to interact here is very interesting that no other game has. You will attack or steal other players’ gold. This is a fun way to tease your friends. At the same time have the opportunity to become the owner of the strongest and richest pirate island.

Coin Master Mod

Enjoy the benefits of every spin

The main gameplay of Coin Master revolves around the rotation. Just click “Spin”, then wait a few seconds to see instant results. You cannot predict the outcome of each spin. They depend on one’s luck. Possible cases like: 3 coins: You get the corresponding number of coins. 3 gold bags: Get more gold. 3 Spins: Get 10 extra spins. 3 hammer: Chance to attack someone else’s island. 3 shields: Gain a protective shield against your opponent’s attacks. 3 pig masks: Have the right to steal gold on another island. There are plenty of other situations that can happen during any given spin. The results of the draw will determine what to do next. If a card is attacked or robbed, gold and other items will be obtained. However, other players will know that you have looted or attacked their island. So be ready to go on the defensive when they turn for revenge.

tai Coin Master Mod

Collect Pets

Game Coin Master Mod provides players with a lot of interesting content besides the spin. You will find a lot of super cute pets such as rhino, tiger, fox, etc. Spin and explore the pirate world with more companion pets. It also appears in the city to make people happy. However, to own a pet you need to collect coins. Once you reach a certain level, you can unlock it.

game Coin Master Mod

Explore many new lands

It’s not just about looting. Coin Master version also brings a very unique ecosystem. From there, bring new inspiration for players every time they experience it. It is possible to meet friends when visiting a new country. It is also possible to build the island yourself there. Unlock houses, statues, pets, boats and more. Don’t be afraid to invite your friends to visit this island to surprise them.

The cute picture

The heat of game Coin Master is undeniable. Because it is designed in a fun 2D image style. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the islands. The buildings and people in many different places, etc. They are displayed visually on the screen with different colors. Most of the images are inspired by nature and animals. So it will be very close to all players. In addition, the experience is always filled with light, which helps stimulate concentration for long periods of time. With simple graphics but no less sharp. The dial effects, attacks, gold mines and background music are all very lively. From there, inspiring looting wars broke out.

download Coin Master Mod

Overall, Coin Master Mod is an extremely interesting game. Here, there will be a community of millions of players around the world. So you will never feel alone. You can exchange your cards with other players to collect them. In addition, can join the Facebook community to meet friends, share rewards. To exchange treasures and chat with each other. From there the experience will be optimized. Make every moment of your life like being in the real world.

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