Download Combat Quest Mod APK 0.42.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Gold) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 26/01/2024
Combat Quest Mod APK 0.42.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Gold)
Name Combat Quest - Archero Action
Version v0.42.7
Size 150MB
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds, Gold
Support Android 7.1
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers ChillBase


Combat Quest Mod is an action game designed in the role-playing genre. Created and developed by the ChillBase team. By joining the game, players will be transported into a fantasy world. A place full of miracles and above all, the existence of magic. Brought by evil forces, kidnap the princess who inherits the throne. Aim to overthrow the kingdom to become the ruler. But that can’t be allowed to happen. Players should immediately choose a character to start the journey to the rescue. Challenge your own abilities with countless levels created. Guarded by many dangerous enemies to prevent anyone from passing. You can only destroy them all if you want to keep moving forward.

Download Combat Quest Mod – Fight to destroy all enemies on the way to the rescue

Combat Quest Mod is about an ancient kingdom standing before the abyss of destruction. Because the ruler was taken away by a force from another world. There is only one way to save them all, chase them to get the princess back. And the one who can do that will be none other than the player. Do not hesitate, show your full ability to participate in battles. Defended by various dangerous enemies and monsters. Not just one, but the number is extremely large. For two purposes, the first is to create drama in the experience. While the second is used to test the player’s level. It can be difficult, but don’t let it discourage you. Make full use of your character control skills and combine movement and attack at the same time.Download Combat Quest Mod

Weapons And Equipment

Combat Quest Mod was created by the developer with a terrible arsenal of weapons and equipment. It can be said that there are countless. With weapons alone, there are machines like bows, scythes, and battle axes. But not just wanting to be able to equip the character. But there needs to be certain compatibility based on the industry and characteristics of each person. New equipment is a scary thing when made up of many items. Not only attack, but defense can also be increased. The first thing to mention is armor, gloves, pants, and shoes. Next, there are rings or necklaces that increase in different stats. And yet completely players can create or bring to upgrade. If reaching the maximum level will make the strength of all significantly improved. Equipping the character will increase all stats. The winning rate is also guaranteed accordingly.Combat Quest Mod

Intuitive Controls Walk

Combat Quest Mod has an extremely intuitive control system. When it can be grasped easily even for a novice. The left side as well as many other role-playing games will be used for movement. With a single button dragging to any side, the character will follow that direction. The circle can be rotated up to 360 degrees, so there are no limits. On the right-hand side are the buttons used for fighting. Unleash attacks to attack enemies, with the largest form having a normal attack effect. The thumbnails around represent the movement. Each type on it will carry a separate icon so that players can easily identify the user.Tai Combat Quest Mod

Various Monsters

Join the journey to rescue the princess in Combat Quest Mod. Players will need to go through many gates. Due to a multitude of different monsters guarding to prevent the player. Strength is not to be discussed, will definitely be several times higher than humans. Designed in many shapes, the simplest is a slime. Or mutated trees like walking pumpkins and logs can attack from a distance. Animals are no exception, there are giant squids and spiders that are extremely powerful. Meanwhile, the game also exists a lot of old devils. Can be found when going deep into the gates or being the boss in certain battlesGame Combat Quest Mod

Combat Quest Mod gives players battles with monsters of evil forces. It can be easily destroyed at first, but gradually you will encounter stronger species. Loss can happen when the skill is only partial. The rest depends on equipment and weapons. If there are good items, the character will be greatly increased in strength. But it will cost a lot of usage cost for that. But the amount that can be earned is very rare. Hardly enough to buy or upgrade equipment to the best condition. Because of that difficulty, the mod has added infinite gold. Diamonds are more expensive and can be used to buy some special items.

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