Cooking Dash MOD APK 2.22.4 (Menu, Full Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Cooking Dash MOD APK 2.22.4 (Menu, Full Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Name Cooking Dash
Version 2.22.4
MOD Features Menu, Full Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Size 95MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Glu


You will have the opportunity to try your hand at restaurant management cooking in Cooking Dash MOD APK. A game created and developed by the Glu team. The game promises to bring the most famous delicacies in the world. Give players the opportunity to learn, discover, and know briefly about how to do it. As the main chef for a restaurant. Race against time to satisfy every customer coming to the shop. Create custom dishes in the shortest amount of time. The game is very fast-paced so try to make the most of every second. There will be certain supports and instructions, simplifying some stages. But participating in the game, players need to optimize all processes to achieve the set requirements. In order to get as much profit as possible for development.

Download Cooking Dash Mod – Cooking Serving Customers With Fast Pace

The cooking game genre is not uncommon nowadays. Inspired by many developers. Cooking Dash is similar but adds the TV part. Helping players have the opportunity to be famous, to be known by many people. Of course, the main gameplay is still cooking and creating dishes. Aim for the customers who come to the restaurant to have the best experience. When it comes to quality, taste, and service. In a short time, the finished product can be produced according to the requirements. The game is very focused on working speed. It can be considered a challenge that requires a lot of the player’s ability. Sometimes there’s not just one, but three or four. Delays are not allowed to appear to avoid loss of credibility. Especially the store is always broadcast live on TV.

Game Cooking Dash Mod

Upgrade Constantly Improve

Do not think that cooking in Cooking Dash Mod will be simple. To satisfy customers is no joke. Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings. The same goes for dishes, while the time requirements are extremely strict. Only when players upgrade the kitchen, and constantly improve the tools and recipes. Newly qualified to serve all the people who come to the shop. Especially the popularity is gradually increasing. The volume of work will also rapidly grow rapidly. With multiple stoves, it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time. Feel free to show your talents, and speed up constantly to comply with the requirements given.

Tai Cooking Dash Mod

Diverse Restaurant Menus

Cooking Dash is not only for players to experience the feeling of cooking water, and managing restaurants. The real purpose is to promote famous dishes from all over the world. Giving people the opportunity to learn and know more about food culture. Therefore, the game is designed with many different dishes. All genres, from east to west are available. In addition to cooked food, there are also raw dishes typical for each region. There are dozens of types of fast food alone. Strawberry-flavored cakes, scola, … all. The menu also has drinks and ice cream that look very special. It can be said that the restaurant’s menu is extremely diverse, gathering from all kinds of cultures. Aim to serve all requirements of customers.

Cooking Dash Mod

Rotation luck

Cooking Dash Mod not only focuses on the main gameplay. The game is also built with some issues and marginal functionality. To be able to help players, and facilitate development. Speed ​​up the time it takes to build a restaurant that is known to everyone. With lucky spin every day there will be one free spin. Of course, the probability of winning a good item will be quite low. But also not impossible to get. Gold is very easy to hit. But chefs, costumes, and pets need a little more luck, and so do VIP tickets. Don’t give up, do it many times, and you will definitely have a chance to achieve what you want.

Download Cooking Dash Mod

Entering Cooking Dash Mod, players will immediately have a huge amount of money. Because the game has been reworked to improve some features. Including unlimited money to help players when experiencing the cooking game. So it is necessary to buy many things from the kitchen to the dishes. Always improve and innovate if you want to meet customer requirements. When everyone has different thoughts and preferences about food. With an unlimited number of accounts, you are free to shop. Comfort in restaurant development is becoming more and more popular.

Download Cooking Dash MOD APK (Menu, Full Unlimited Money, Unlocked) 2023

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