Cooking Rush Mod APK 1.0.2 (Unlimited Cards, Gold, Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/10/2023
Cooking Rush Mod APK 1.0.2 (Unlimited Cards, Gold, Diamonds)
Name Cooking Rush - Restaurant Game
Version v1.0.2
Size 116MB
MOD Features Unlimited Cards, Gold, Diamonds
Support Android 5.0
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers WeMaster


Cooking Rush Mod is a restaurant-style cooking game. Released by webmaster team. With the desire to be able to leave players with a deep impression. More interested in cooking and serving in restaurants. As well as know more famous dishes from all over the world. Having the opportunity to experience, try to embark on the job of becoming the owner of a restaurant specializing in serving fast food. On a special kitchen placed on a car, it can be moved anywhere. Contact all types of customers. Challenge your cooking talent to see if you can meet everyone’s requirements, even the most fastidious person. When simultaneously having to cook many dishes according to the orders of many people at the same time. And the most important thing is not to keep customers waiting too long.

Download Cooking Rush Mod – Enjoy Every Moment Cooking-Serving Customers

Game-style cooking in restaurants must have been no stranger to many people. But Cooking Rush Mod has a special point when mining in another array. It is to build a kitchen on a compact car, simple but very convenient. When the shop can move anywhere to serve many people. With all dishes being fast food, just serve on request. Cooking is considered as having achieved the goal. But that’s why the game creates a huge volume of customers, who will constantly come to the shop. Create a scene where many people buy at the same time. So players need to practice to have a fast speed, not to delay even an order. Without consequences, the reputation will be lost and the number of buyers will be reduced. So the money earned is not enough to spend. Shop for quality kitchen appliances. Try everything that will pay off. Making the most of your ability to overcome your own limits makes the kitchen’s reputation fly away.Cooking Rush Mod

Unlock Many New Items

The original Cooking Rush Mod is like most other games. Start with light work and a few simple dishes to get used to. But then, when it was mature, customers also gradually crowded with many requests. These are new possible dishes such as pizza, cakes with all flavors, drinks, and fruit desserts. But will need to unlock the ingredients as well as the recipe. Only then can you start cooking and serving customers. But many dishes also mean that the difficulty of the game challenge also increases. Because at the same time, it will be necessary to respond to many different food requirements at the same time.Game Cooking Rush Mod

Cooking Challenges in Countries

Unlike most games of the same cooking genre, managing a restaurant with a large area. Cooking Rush Mod brings will be a mobile kitchen placed on the car. Can move everywhere, to all developed countries such as the US, France, UK, etc. to try their cooking skills. Try cooking new dishes with the right flavors to serve a wide range of customers. The challenge is difficult due to cultural differences between countries, so there are also different requirements. Try to make everyone have the best experience when using the service of the restaurant you manage.Download Cooking Rush Mod

Kitchen Upgrade

You can probably guess after the restaurant has settled down for a while. The number of customers that Cooking Rush Mod brings will constantly increase. There are times when many orders will have to be made at the same time to ensure customer requirements. It is certainly not possible to cook many dishes on the same stove at the same time. Continuous upgrading of the kitchen is essential. Buying a lot of space to cook, and high-quality tools ensures that you have the most standard kitchen. Fully equipped to reduce order completion time, get high reviews from many buyers.Tai Cooking Rush Mod

Cooking Rush Mod has been improved with a lot of utility features. As mod infinite gold, cards, diamonds. For players to participate in the game will get money to buy utensils, and upgrade the kitchen. Buy the necessary things to create a restaurant that ensures the best customer service. As well as unlocking a lot of dishes. No delay in creating the requested dish. Players also do not need to work hard. Must work to accumulate enough money for restaurant development. Taking the reputation away can have a little impact on the cooking restaurants.

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