Cooking Voyage Mod 1.11.51 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/03/2024
Cooking Voyage Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Cooking Voyage : Cook & Travel
Version v1.11.51
Size 156MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 6.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Newvoy Games


You are a cooking enthusiast. I want to bring you the best dishes made by yourself. So let’s join Cooking Voyage Mod and experience it. Is a simulation game about cooking. And the free time management you’ve always wanted. Incarnate as a professional chef, on your own luxury spaceship. The mission is to cook the most delicious food to serve the guests. From there make a profit. Players can unlock hundreds of amazing recipes. Those dishes will overwhelm visitors and create a culinary fever on your yacht. Need to upgrade tools, equipment, machinery, kitchen utensils, etc… Redesign the yacht to bring the most comfort to visitors.

Download Cooking Voyage Mod – A Fun Cooking Journey On The Yacht

What is special and attracts players that Cooking Voyage Mod brings. You can cook and go everywhere at the same time. Exposure to and learning the culinary culture of many countries around the world. It will definitely help you accumulate a lot of experience and cooking skills. Constantly creating unique and attractive dishes. Enrich the restaurant’s cuisine. Attract customers everywhere, and spread the brand far. However, it is not easy to do those things. Requires players to know how to arrange a reasonable amount of time. As well as work scientifically. Don’t forget to always listen to what your customers Cooking Voyage Mod

Come to Cooking Voyage Mod to serve customers delicately. Gentle gestures, and open attitude capture their hearts. Get positive reviews, get many stars, and make huge profits. Along with that, let’s create a smart business form. To promote the image of the restaurant spreading around the world. In addition, to attract fastidious customers, it is not only necessary that the food is delicious. But also the space on the ship must be meticulously cared for. Players are free to arrange everything. To give customers a space bold with their own identity.

Become a famous chef

Players when starting Cooking Voyage Mod will be slowly familiarized with the system. Detailed instructions on how to cook. So for those who do not have any knowledge, it is extremely wonderful. Will be experienced from low to high level. Help you improve your skills. Just work hard and study hard. I firmly believe that my skill will improve significantly. Will soon become a talented chef. Indulge your guests with your dishes. Make them have a deep impression and immerse in the taste like nowhere Cooking Voyage Mod

Players can also participate in weekly cooking competitions organized by Cooking Voyage Mod. This is your chance to show off your culinary talents. Claim your name in the culinary world. Thanks to that, the name will be known by many people. Attracting people from all over the world to visit and bring in a great source of income for the store

Materials and tools

In Cooking Voyage Mod to be able to create delicious food. Fresh ingredients are indispensable. The game will provide players with vegetables, meat, and seafood of clear origin. So no need to worry about safety anymore. But the thing that needs to be focused on is cooking, giving customers the perfect dish from the form to the taste inside. Having to do all the work in the kitchen alone, it is necessary to have supporting tools and machines. Helps save more time. You need to cook many dishes at once, to promptly serve all customers.tai Cooking Voyage Mod

Graphics, sound

Cooking Voyage Mod is designed under 3D graphics. So the image is displayed extremely sharp. Allows players to observe their surroundings from many angles. Gives the feeling of being cooked in a high-class restaurant. Contact with many customers around the world. Bright, harmonious colors. Make the surroundings more vivid. Along with that is the clear sound of every sound. Funny, witty background music adds to the entertainment. Get people caught up in the fast pace of work.Cooking Voyage Mod

What’s better than a cooking game like Cooking Voyage Mod? The cooking game series is probably too familiar and occupies a certain place in everyone’s heart. Owning simple gameplay, suitable for all ages. The game will help you promote your creativity, management, and work organization. Especially, you will have the opportunity to become a world-famous talented chef. With dishes that always thrill customers every time they mention it. So what are you waiting for without satisfying your passion for cooking? Enter the game and experience with us.

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