Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.3.05 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/11/2023
Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.3.05 (Unlimited Money)
Name Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS
Latest Version v1.3.05
File capacity 870MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Seven Bulls Games


Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod is an extremely top-notch shooting game that you will not be able to miss. The shooter genre has become a monument in the entertainment game industry. The genre has existed for many decades and its popularity has never stopped. Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod is a game that brings new elements and combat differences into this genre. The difference in the game comes from the in-game map, diverse weapon skins, and extremely smooth transition effects. Unlike other shooting games, the operation in the game creates an extremely stable rhythm. Make this a shooting game that you cannot miss in your entertainment game store.

Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod – Become the Best Shooter

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod is a game that you can join completely for free on both Android and IOS operating system platforms. Coming to the game, you will begin your journey to explore diverse maps and game modes. Shooting games will rely heavily on the player’s handling skills. You will need an observation with the highest level of concentration possible. Move in a reasonable way to both attack and dodge the opponent’s response. Aim calmly and shoot bullets with the highest accuracy at the enemy. All those things will determine whether you become a good player or not. The in-game leaderboard will honor the best players on the server.

Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Diversity Map

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod has a diverse map system and is not duplicated with any game of the same genre. Everything in the game is completely refreshed to the user. Brings you new experiences about the paths and nooks and crannies on each different map. There will be a total of 6 different maps for you to choose and use. Each map will have different obstacles and terrain. Along with that are 4 game modes with extremely different gameplay for you to satisfy many criteria. For example, the bomb mode will need a very high team spirit and a clear strategy. Gun king mode is where you can unleash your skills when all around are your enemies.

Game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Interesting Features

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod has interesting features and gives players a very unique experience. With the weapon system, there is not much new when still the traditional guns have not changed. The special thing here is the skins system of all the weapons here. Every gun and every piece of equipment in the game can be changed in appearance. Changing, lines and colors will give you a lot more gaming inspiration. They do not have the effect of making your weapons stronger but give you a very different visual experience. It will be something you always aspire to get in this game.

Tai Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Game Graphics

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod is an FPS shooting game, so it will definitely be equipped with 3D graphics. You will role-play the character with a first-person perspective in the game to participate. With this perspective, the game will become a lot more realistic. It feels like the two are merging into one to fight in the arenas. Every detail in the game is invested quite carefully. Although it is a game on mobile phones, it has also achieved a world that is not far behind computer games. Giving you the smoothest and sharpest visual experience possible.

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod version of the game. With the unlimited money feature, you will be able to buy everything in the game without any barriers. You will not need to try to accumulate money for a period of time to be able to buy something in the store. This feature has given you ownership of it all with an unlimited amount of money. Help you own guns with much better shooting functions. Will increase your chances of winning in each round with expensive weapons in hand.

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