Crack Shooter Mod APK 2.0.9 (Disable Enemies, Remove Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Crack Shooter Mod APK 2.0.9 (Disable Enemies, Remove Ads)
Name Crack Shooter
Version v2.0.9
Size 55MB
MOD Features Disable Enemies, Remove Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Ku Hui


Perhaps we are no strangers to cowboys sitting on cool horses. Only seen on TV or in movies. Crack Shooter Mod will let you experience that. This is an action game, interspersed with a bit of adventure. The game will help you transform into a cowboy, and explore many different lands. In addition, there is a duty to protect the people and their land. Where monsters are wreaking havoc, with guns and weapons equipped. Destroy all evil creatures and bring peace to your homeland.

Download Crack Shooter Mod – Hero’s Endless Action Adventure

Crack Shooter Mod takes you to adventure everywhere in the warm western land. Here players will have a lot of teammates, and reclaim the land to build houses and live. Create a new culture, after a period of settlement you will get certain results such as sheep, cows, goats… Every day, take them out to eat on green fields. However, the good life did not last long before it had to stop. There are ugly monsters that have their eyes on and they want to invade this land. They are very cruel, destroying everything and killing a lot of innocent people. Now, to protect the place I live as well as the people in the village. You and the cowboy heroes will have to stand up to fight, destroy all the evil people, and protect the homeland.Crack Shooter mod

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of Crack Shooter Mod is extremely simple, you will go through levels from easy to difficult. In each round, kill all the monsters, win and unlock new levels. On the screen, there are skill and movement buttons to control, in the match you should combine skillfully. Both attack and defense, dodge all enemy attacks and use flexible skills to destroy them. Through each round, the system will give you 3 options to upgrade. Those are cards like increased damage, HP recovery, improved range, and speed. Please choose to match the match that is taking place. These monsters are getting stronger and stronger. Proper use of upgrade cards will help you get the victory.

Various weapon systems

Crack Shooter Mod’s system has a wide variety of guns and weapons. Like a gun that shoots a tornado that knocks enemies up. A flamethrower is a very high-damage weapon that will burn monsters. There is also a bouncing bullet gun, each bullet fired will collide, dealing damage to the enemy. Each weapon has a unique feature, use them appropriately for each game with the characteristics of the monsters. In addition, there are countless guns with superior damage and features for sale in the store. Complete the tasks given by the system. Gain lots of bonuses to own your favorite guns.Crack Shooter mod

Unlock and upgrade heroes

The character system of Crack Shooter Mod is also extremely diverse. There are systems such as mage, warrior, gunner…Each character will possess different strengths and skills. Players need to experience and learn carefully their strengths and weaknesses. To be able to choose the right match for each match brings victory easier. In addition, the game also allows you to upgrade your characters, making skill sets and weapons stronger. Not only that but the hero’s appearance will also be changed when upgrading, from clothes, shoes, hats… All the things on the body become very beautiful and cool. This is also the factor that helps players get the best feeling, excitement, and non-stop fighting.Crack Shooter mod game

Graphics and Sound Crack Shooter Mod

Equip yourself with impressive 3D graphics, extremely sharp images, and movements. Crack Shooter Mod gives players the best viewing angles and a great gaming feeling. Besides, the sound system is also extremely lively. When you first enter, the background music is extremely entertaining and very relaxing. The sounds of guns or monsters are also very realistic to bring the best experience to gamers. Let’s also download the game and discover these interesting things right Crack Shooter mod

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