CrashMetal Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
CrashMetal Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name CrashMetal
Version v2.0
Size 65MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers CRAZY.DEVS


If you are too bored with deadly shooting games. CrashMetal Mod will help you find inspiration again. Is it one of the most attractive racing games this year? Since its launch, it has attracted a large number of users interested and experienced. Although there are many classic features that are easy to find in many racing games today. But it has its own distinct charm that is inevitable. Brings you a thrilling race full of fun. Where you can race alone or compete with online opponents. And of course, the game has an online ranked match mode. For players to be able to compete in the weekly racer championship. Being able to claim your name on the chart is a very interesting thing and many people wish for it.

Download CrashMetal Mod – Addictive racing gameplay

In CrashMetal Mod can meet all your needs and comforts. As an entertaining racing game, it gives you the most typical modes. In each mode, players can find exciting racing missions on their favorite car. Quite challenging when your opponents are good and wise racers. Along with that, this year’s version will bring many new features for players to experience. Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an open world with beautiful roads. Exciting events that bring many gifts and new generation maps. There’s a lot more waiting for you in the back. With this racing game, I am sure the seller will soon be attracted to CrashMetal mod

Explore the track in multiple modes

CrashMetal Mod includes 2 basic modes. Coming to Play Single mode, you can walk freely on the beautiful city road. Here you can freely drive in many ways. Or participate in tasks to receive valuable prizes for yourself. Here you no longer worry about the enemies. Because in this mode only you. But sometimes you can face a few cars in the way. Show off your driving skills.CrashMetal mod

There is also an Online mode. CrashMetal Mod is an online multiplayer race. In many parts of the world converging by playing on the same server. Each match has a maximum of 8 players but only one person wins. A faster, sooner finish will be the winner. And the opponent will also have the same level as you. But experience is tall and short, requiring you to be careful and compete seriously.

Game mechanics

Just like other racing games. The mechanism of CrashMetal Mod is not too new. Includes only basic virtual keys. Just use two arrows to navigate, an accelerator to accelerate, and a brake to decelerate. In the left corner of the screen, there is a small map to track the journey and location of other opponents. In the right corner of the screen, there will be a familiar speedometer. Virtual buttons and icons are neatly arranged and easy to use. From a 3rd personal perspective, the player can observe the surroundings. Your job is to combine actions to drive skillfully and compete for positions with CrashMetal mod

Diverse and rich racing car system

CrashMetal Mod provides an extremely diverse car system. There are many models with well-designed classic and modern styles. Each car will exude its own beauty, making it hard for players to resist. The game also allows players to design their own car with your style. There you can find hundreds of different designs to customize your car both in appearance and the engine. So here is your chance to learn how to be a car designer.

Design your own car

Curious about what you can customize and upgrade? CrashMetal Mod has many things that you can embark on customizing. Like front parts, bodywork, rear parts, performance stats, paint colors, wheels, and more. As for the car color, you can choose any color you like among dozens of the most basic colors. You can also add logos, stickers, and patterns as long as they suit your taste. The special thing is that don’t miss upgrading the car’s parameters to improve speed, braking, and many other stats. To be able to participate in the race with strong opponents without worrying anymore. With all of the above in store, you don’t have to go far.tai CrashMetal mod

CrashMetal Mod has a classic racing style but is full of beauty. Help players see the new opening in the game itself. The game takes players to the top race of many people from all over the world. Night comes on a brutal race track. Are you ready yet? Join us, participate to win, and receive many valuable rewards.

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