Crazy Defense Heroes MOD 3.9.9 (Menu, Full Resources, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Damage, OneHit, Immortality)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/04/2024
Crazy Defense Heroes MOD {{version}} (Menu, Full Resources, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Damage, OneHit, Immortality)
Name Crazy Defense Heroes
Version v3.9.9
Size 170MB
MOD Features Menu, Full Resources, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Damage, OneHit, Immortality
Support Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Animoca Brands


If you are too bored with online survival games. Looking for a tower defense game that is fun and easy to play. Then Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK will be an extremely appropriate choice. It offers hundreds of levels. Let players explore extremely interesting tower defense battles. On each level, the task is to fight the enemies who are trying to invade your land. To do this, it is necessary to build a strong defense system by combining cards together. There are hundreds of cards of different classes that you can mix and match. But what is the smartest combination? Let’s explore and share the results. This will determine the course of any war.

Download Crazy Defense Heroes Mod – Familiar Defense Strategy Gameplay

When entering game Crazy Defense Heroes you will join a long defense campaign. With interesting strategic elements. It contains many attractive modes, typically campaign, loot, the war against the tide, battle of the iron legion, and Battle of the mines… Each mode includes different stages with different levels of battle. The challenge increases over time. In addition, each mode offers its own system of enemies and rewards. Some modes are limited-time campaigns but with great rewards. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these campaigns and achieve victory on the defensive battlefield. Will find many valuable items.

Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

Build a solid defense

Whatever mode you choose in Crazy Defense Heroes Mod. The main task is still to protect the country from invasion. By driving away hordes of evil enemies. To do this, it is necessary to build and control a solid defense. Includes different types of cards. There are more than 400 cards in 4 hero classes, castles, spells, and equipment. Combine cards together to create a strategic defense. Enemies will constantly invade the territory. The cards will work against them in many ways such as archery, magic, melee attacks… If your card formation is good enough, it will repel the enemy and win.

download Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

Players can see, that every battle in the game Crazy Defense Heroes requires excellent tactical elements. Understand each card and combine them together. To do this, it is necessary to understand the origin and function of each leaf. However, not all combinations have the same results, creating victory for the war. You have to fight many battles to gain experience and improve tactics. After each battle will receive rewards. Contains equipment, maps, and many utilities. Use them to continuously improve your defenses, optimize your troops’ strength, and complete weekly challenges. In particular, it is possible to form a guild with friends to share resources. Work together to complete tasks faster.

Explore different maps

Crazy Defense Heroes Mod is the newest tower defense game. So since its launch, it has been well received by many users. Here is also an adventure journey. Can go through many different locations, from forests to valleys, dungeons… Plus the difference in terrain and roads of each place. It will affect the strategy. In other words, you must create new defense plans every time you land on a new map. The enemy system also changes dynamically through levels. They are getting denser and stronger. So look for ways to improve your defense.

Game Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

Fun and colorful design

Game Crazy Defense Heroes is like other strategy games. Here the goal is to stop the army of monsters. With a design with extremely simple 2D graphics. Express everything in a cartoon style, creating accents for the character rig. Provide needed empathy and intimacy. Describe in detail, highlighting the scene and enemy movement speed. Images of towers, heroes, and combat effects are very vivid. Thanks to that, each battle has a very interesting and attractive battle. They can be easily enjoyed with a top-down view.

Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

All in all, Crazy Defense Heroes Mod is a complete tower defense game and should be experienced even once. It will bring great strategy experience through tower defense battles. Build defenses by combining cards and units. With a good defense, you can defeat all invaders to keep the peace of the nation.

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