Criminal Case Mod APK 2.41 (Unlimited Energy, Hints)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/11/2023
Criminal Case Mod APK 2.41 (Unlimited Energy, Hints)
Name Criminal Case
Version v2.41
Size 67MB
MOD Features Unlimited Energy, Hints
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Pretty Simple


Criminal Case Mod is a game built with investigative criminal gameplay. Many murder cases are dangerous to society. Joining the game, the player will play the role of an investigator who works to explore the scene. Carrying the task of finding the truth, bringing all the bad guys to the appropriate punishment before the law. Know that it is not easy when the game is designed with a very high difficulty. Looks extremely realistic when the clues are hidden deep in the scene. To be able to detect is extremely difficult, and requires very high meticulousness. Since the game created a large crime scene, there are also a lot of different items. In many places it is not even possible to count the number. But don’t worry too much, if you look closely, there will be loopholes.

Download Criminal Case Mod – Become an Investigator To Find Out All The Truth For Every Case

The current investigation game has also been developed with many games. But to talk about perfection as well as authenticity, very few games can equal Criminal Case Mod. When the game brings challenges, all are criminal cases. Carefully arranged there are elements to deceive. But more than that, all have to find out for themselves which suggestions are almost nonexistent. Meanwhile, there are bloody scenes that are really exciting. Players participating in the game will have to find the answers to those solutions. I know it’s hard, but it’s even more difficult. Having committed a murder, no matter what, there will be loopholes in it. There must be clues left over. The important thing must lie in the player, when in the role of an investigator, it is necessary to be meticulous and careful. Only when there are enough clues can we hope to find out the truth hidden in each case.Game Criminal Case Mod

Various Cases

To create variety, Criminal Case Mod designed cases not only in the home. But in so many places, such as the sidewalk, the side of the road, in the car, or in a forest. Nearly anywhere can inspire a developer to build. Of course, wish players had more room to take on more challenges. Accordingly, the difficulty will be divided. Certainly in the outside environment to find clues will be more difficult than indoors. Due to many factors that determine, the most typical of which is the width of the scene. Will make players have to spend more time searching.Criminal Case Mod

Testing And Analysis

For normal games, it is only necessary to find clues to draw conclusions immediately. But Criminal Case Mod will not be so simple. The high difficulty means that players need to be more careful in drawing conclusions. So going to the scene to investigate is only part of it. The game also has an examination and analysis function, which is indispensable for any criminal case. Only when going through the process can it be clear who really caused the crime. When this place is the place used to detect traces, including handcuffs as well as corpses and some other types. As for working through the speakers, it’s really difficult to find the truth. It even creates injustice when the bad guys actually spend their knives outside the law.Tai Criminal Case Mod

Interrogation of Suspects

In a real case, interrogating suspects is extremely necessary and cannot be ignored. Criminal Case Mod aims to be realistic, so it is also designed for players to do this process. When collecting clues is still not enough to come to a conclusion. Especially in some cases, there are too many suspicious people. In the game, it will be much simpler, the questions will be pre-designed just waiting for the player to choose. Will definitely find some clues. As well as get a real crime detection affirmation section. The back-and-forth exchange can completely create gaps in speech. So don’t miss it. Be very unwise when doing the interrogation.Download Criminal Case Mod

Criminal Case Mod is a rebuilt version based on the original. Built with some new features. The first with the unlimited energy mod will help players be more active and spoiled for the experience. When it is a determining factor in the conduct of the investigation. If left alone, it is almost impossible to do anything. As for the infinite suggestion, it is not inferior to the previous feature. Because it gives players the opportunity to overcome the deadlock. Discovering the clues is extremely difficult to find because it is so well hidden.

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