Critical Strike CS MOD 12.810 (Menu, Unlimited money, ammo, keys, Unlocked all)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/04/2024
Critical Strike CS MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, ammo, keys, Unlocked all)
Name Critical Strike CS
Version v12.810
Size 835MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, ammo, keys, Unlocked all
Support Android 6.0
Category Action
Price Free


You are a strong person. I love to show off my own strength. Then the Critical Strike CS promises to open up exciting battles for you. Belonging to the top 10 for online action shooting games on mobile platforms. Since its release, it has been well received by many users. Revolving around the war between many people around the world. Prove your strength, technique, and agility by destroying enemies. Take on the victory in fierce battles to put your name in the rankings. From there, you will receive many attractive rewards through the rounds. Along with that are events that take place each season. With extremely valuable rewards when unlocking missions. Many battles are taking place in different modes.

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Designed by the publisher VERTIGO GAMES based on 3D graphics. Crisp and vivid picture quality. Thoroughly and meticulously crafted. Critical Strike CS recreates the environment in the most realistic way. The effects of the game are also impressively simulated. Shows projectiles flying from using guns to attack enemies. Combined with a first-person perspective, it gives players a realistic experience. Move smoothly on the battlefield, dodge bullets, and expertly defeat opponents. Will help you to win.

tai Critical Strike CS Mod

In parallel, game Critical Strike CS has an impressive simulated sound system. The sound of gunfire sounded every time a bullet was fired to attack. Voiceover sound after each enemy kill. Or when interacting with the surroundings. Everything will be changed in accordance with each activity taking place on the battlefield. Through the battles, players can feel the realistic 3D graphic design. Transition effects combined with a realistic first-person perspective. The control mechanism will be compact and easy to use. There are many other interesting features waiting for you to discover.

Rich game modes

Currently, Critical Strike CS has 5 different game modes. Can fight with friends or other players. Team deathmatch mode revolves around the war against terrorism, your task is to fight the enemy. Is free mode with all choices, kill or be killed. Will have to show skill to kill other players as many times as possible. Come to bomb disposal mode to perform missions between two teams. One team plants bombs at the locations, and the other team will have to defuse the bombs. Participate in the arms race for a chance to use all weapons for free. Compete with other players to destroy enemies. Finally, the private room mode, allows friends to share a room. Let’s stand together in the big arena.

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Fighting skills

When experiencing version Critical Strike CS in all modes, it requires the player’s skills, despite being supported by teammates, but players still need to be independent. Personal skill is still the main factor, directly determining the outcome. To win against other shooters. It is necessary to combine many different factors. Experience on the battlefield is accumulated over time.

game Critical Strike CS Mod

Observe the terrain and surroundings to spot enemies. Locate them and strike with precision. Through the gun equipped by game Critical Strike CS to destroy the enemy. Besides, in some cases surrounded by the enemy. Flexibility in handling situations is required. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide. Also, come up with the right strategy. From there, get out of danger so that you can continue the fight.

The gameplay, the process

Each match in Critical Strike CS will last for a specified amount of time. Each match will be replayed in the large arena. With 8 different maps to choose from. Players can move freely in the arena. Attack the enemy according to your strategy. Each mode of participation will have its own rules. As with the required conditions, all players must abide by them. The battle lasted until the end of time. Or complete your mission in battle. Accordingly, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. Consistently win online multiplayer matches. There is a chance to rise on the leaderboard. Put your name on it and more people will know it.

Mod Critical Strike CS

Critical Strike CS offers more than 40 different guns. Typically rifles, sniper rifles, long guns, machine guns, shotguns… Or support grenades with the ability to create an explosion with wide area damage. Each weapon has an impressive design. Their ability is expressed through physical damage, firing range, and the number of bullets. At the same time, it is possible to customize with more than 250 different skins. Make your gun stand out. If you haven’t experienced it yet, what are you waiting for ?

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