Crush Them All Mod 2.0.592 (Menu, Hero Free Upgrade, Job)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Crush Them All Mod {{version}} (Menu, Hero Free Upgrade, Job)
Name Crush Them All
Version v2.0.592
Size 131MB
MOD Features Menu, Hero Free Upgrade, Job
Support Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Imperia Online JSC


Crush Them All Mod belongs to the new role-playing genre. It opens up fascinating battles according to compelling storylines. Play as a hero, your mission is to fight against evil. The goal is to rescue the princess from the evil forces. The game brings a novel idle style. With matches made automatically between heroes and enemies. Provided by the developer with many unique features. You can set up auto-battle even if you don’t control the action on the screen. Experience thousands of exciting levels in story mode. Or join other heroes in clan battles. Fight together with the giant final boss. There is also the opportunity to discover various items to strengthen the hero. Easy to win every match.

Download Crush Them All Mod – Join the journey to defeat the evil forces to rescue the princess

The story of Crush Them All Mod revolves around the battle against the devil. Before that, the hero Luke and the princess were walking in a forest. Suddenly, a huge monster possessing terrifying power appeared. It quickly captured the princess and brought it back to the devil’s domain. At this time, the hero Luka is determined to rescue the princess from the demons. A challenging adventure awaits you. Because you have to face countless evil youkai. They will attack to stop your journey. Play as a hero to embark on a journey to rescue the princess. You will have the opportunity to meet other heroes. You can form a group with them to fight the enemy. Destroy all of them to conquer all difficulties.

Crush Them All Mod

Story-based screen system

Based on the storyline of the game Crush Them All Mod. Players will be spread over 1000 attractive levels. Each level opens a battle with the corresponding difficulty. Force the player to pass to open the next level. Your hero will automatically move and fight the demons. After successfully destroying the energy orb that appears at the bottom of the map. You will complete your mission at that level. Soon you can start a new war at the next level. From there, the difficulty also increases. You have to fight enemies with the superior fighting ability and stronger than before. Not only more troops but also new enemies. Make the fight more dramatic and fierce. It requires the hero’s strength to be able to win the challenges.

tai Crush Them All Mod

Hero system

The hero system in Crush Them All Mod is extremely diverse. With many different types of heroes for you to recruit. Including heroes Luka, Kasumi, Monki King, and Voodoo Dagger,… Each hero has his own superior strength. It shows in the amount of health, attack power, and defense ability. At the same time, they represent different elements. Including elements of water, fire, darkness, etc. Similar to upgrading items to increase strength. To improve the fighting ability of heroes. With the collected gold coins, you can reach the highest level. Helps increase the hero’s strength stats. From there, it will be easy to destroy youkai in the game screen to complete the task quickly.

Game Crush Them All Mod

Power Up Heroes

Fight in every battle in Crush Them All Mod. Players will collect a large number of gold coins. When defeating the demons, they will drop gold coins. Use the coins you earn to power up your hero. The game has more than 50 different power items to upgrade. Including weapon forge, drinking water, tavern, food, kitchen, beekeeping, etc. There are also many other items that can be upgraded to increase strength. By the amount of money collected and accumulated in battles. You will gradually unlock all power items. Over time can upgrade to the max. However, it should be noted that the amount used will increase in the next update. It will cost you a fair amount of gold.

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Graphics system

The graphics system of Crush Them All Mod is uniquely designed by the publisher. With classic picture quality. Mixed with bright colors, along with the shapes of the heroes. They are very unique, as well as the effects when using skills are extremely impressive. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the appearance of the enemy. They are animals, monsters, elves, and witches but very beautifully designed and funny. Combined with soothing background music playing during battles. It makes you feel happy and not bored during the experience.

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