Dancing Road Mod 2.5.7 (Unlimited Money, Hearts)

By MinhDuc - New update 11/05/2024
Dancing Road Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Hearts)
Name Dancing Road: Color ball run
Version v2.5.7
Size 85MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Hearts
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free


Incorporating rhythmic music into the game is now very popular. There is no shortage of games created in this genre. Dancing Road Mod is one of them, created and developed by the AMANOTES PTE LTD team. Build with simple gameplay but extremely addictive and fun. The game will bring famous music to the world with exciting rhythms. To bring the most comfortable and entertaining moments when experiencing. In addition, there are speed challenges, testing the player’s ability to dodge. At the same time, giving players the opportunity to express themselves, moving the ball at high speed. Dodge turns trying to avoid the obstacles that cause demerit points. Try to finish each match with a high score. Always aim to break through your limits and constantly develop agile reactions.

Download Dancing Road Mod – Immerse Yourself In The Music And Challenge Yourself

Honestly Dancing Road Mod will be a great choice that you should not ignore. Used to entertain in after hours of tiring work is really too perfect. The game has countless matches created, followed by various popular songs. Rebuilt into music with joyful rhythms. When participating in the challenge, the player will control a ball. It has a certain shape and color. Requirements to start the game, players need to be quick and quick. How to put the ball to the left or right quickly. Find a way to avoid other fruits of the same color on the way. In order not to lose points as well as lose the rhythm of the song. But the player must move along the ball of the same color, making the completed song become really good. Just to feel the great tunes, immerse yourself in it.Tai Dancing Road Mod

Easy Controls

The gameplay of Dancing Road Mod is very simple. In participating in the match, the player will have to control how the ball moves. Get on the right track to create some complete music, from start to finish. Therefore, the way of control is also reduced accordingly. The game only needs to rely on the swipes by the player’s hand to make the ball change lanes. Put your hand on the screen and slide to the right, the ball also goes to the left, and vice versa. The path has only three lanes, so it’s not too difficult to eat all the balls of the same color. The important thing here is to rely on the player to see how well he can handle the situation.Dancing Road Mod

Many Good Songs

Game Dancing Road Mod is built to be more than just a game and has a huge mix of music. Of course, the game that invests in the most is the huge music store. With countless lists with many famous songs in the world of all genres. All are top songs in each country. From Europe to Asia, there are all. Typically among them, there are a few groups like Bigbang, iKON, etc. Feel free to play and explore. Participating in competitions is not only challenging yourself in terms of agility. But also to relax, and feel each rhythm. Not only that, the game is constantly being updated. Therefore, the music store will be increasingly filled with new songs.Download Dancing Road Mod

Challenge With Many Levels

Dancing Road Mod builds the challenge into many levels for players to try. The difficulty after passing each match will be continuously increased. Music with the original level will have slow rhythms. The speed is also not too fast, it takes a long time for the player to move the ball once. But when it comes to high levels, the game will bring faster music. If players are not quick, it is normal to lose points. Be prepared to strive for self-improvement. There is also a point to offset the challenge of becoming difficult. It’s a bonus that is fully proportional to the level.Game Dancing Road Mod

Dancing Road Mod features unlimited money and hearts mod. First with unlimited money players will not need to find ways to earn extra income. But still, have enough money to spend, and freely buy the necessary things. Add more fun, and mental comfort to experience the game better. As for infinite hearts, it can be said to be an extremely useful feature. When in some modes going wrong can lead to the end of the challenge. It all depends on the number of hearts to decide. So if it is infinite, it is certain that players when experiencing will no longer have to worry about the problem of losing.

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