Days After MOD 11.2.0 (Menu, Free Craft/Immortality/Max Durability)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Days After MOD {{version}} (Menu, Free Craft/Immortality/Max Durability)
Name Days After
Version v11.2.0
Size 136MB
MOD Features Menu, Free Craft/Immortality/Max Durability
Support Android 5.1+
Category Simulation
Price Free


Have you ever thought about what the post-apocalyptic world will be like, how it will change. Days After will tell you that. Is a survival game created and developed by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED team. Talk about the situation of the whole earth when humans have been exterminated. Now there are only a few survivors who are searching and fighting for their lives. Where zombies dominate with dangers lurking everywhere.

And players when participating will become one of them. The survivors begin to embark on a long journey in a very large designed map. Go around to explore, search for hidden mysteries. Get food, water and essential items to ensure life. The challenge of survival in a world where humans are just the hunted.

Download Days After Mod – Survival adventure in the apocalypse

Entering the Days After, the player will first be able to choose a character. Can be male or female as you like and will be transformed into it. Become a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. With the job and the purpose of finding a way to survive the dangers that are always lurking. Where zombies, undead, zombies dominate. And they are always bloodthirsty, ready to destroy humans if discovered. Even called, gathered into an army to attack, extremely dangerous.

The complete lack of vigilance can lead to loss of life, life or death entirely depending on the player’s choice. Joining the game will not have time to rest, life is to be fought for. If not hurry to get food, water and some important items. Surviving the night is a huge challenge. This is the time when zombies are active.

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Construction And Crafting

The most important job in the game Days After to survive is finding ways to build. Prioritize creating a place with high defense and durability to withstand attacks from the enemy. By watching the tutorial with the designed recipe. What conditions are needed to create, quickly search and complete. Manufacturing is also a very important part.

Because it is a survival game, there are many items that players can create. Just qualify the required materials. For example, weapons, gloves, flasks, etc., of course, can also earn income. But if you want to level up, choose to explore and create new ones. It is also part of the quest that the player needs to complete.

Game Days After Mod

Food Search

Food or water is essential for all living things. In Days After the same is no exception. In order to survive the most demanding and urgent thing is to obtain additional food. But finding those in a survival game is not easy. You have to put your life on the line because of the danger from many sides and can be attacked. The further away from the residence, the more dangerous it is.

If you’re lucky, only plants or wildlife will be the target. But gradually over time it is normal to run out of resources. So players can completely grow crops, take care of their own food. Typically rice, potatoes, corn, etc. are extremely good supplements.

Days After Mod

Ready to fight

Game Days After is not simply living in a world of material deprivation. But there are problems that directly threaten life and life. It is from the attack from dangerous creatures such as from wild animals, predators. Or from the undead, zombies – animals that are at the top and master of the world.

Designed with a large number, the discovery of more locations will also lead to more enemies. So players always have to be alert, ready to fight in any situation. As well as there will be preparation of weapons to ensure safety against all attacks.

Tai Days After Mod

Days After is designed to be full of dangers, be it from creatures or poor living conditions. So the experience of playing, causing the character to die is also inevitable. But many times, building a great career has to start from the beginning. It’s actually a bit annoying. But this mod version was created to solve that problem. When the game is added to two features that help a lot for survival.

With free craft, crafting will become a lot easier. If you can create weapons, build houses quickly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Or immortal, the character is almost unharmed from anything. So, the “game over” will become far away, you will be spoiled for discovery.

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