Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare MOD 4.0.2 (Menu, Unlimited money, god mode, onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/04/2024
Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, god mode, onehit)
Name Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
Version v4.0.2
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, god mode, onehit
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Mobirate


The genre of games related to undead zombies is also not a few. There are games that aim for authenticity, but there are also games that put entertainment first. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is exactly that, created and developed by the Mobirate team. Wishing to bring the most exciting moments to players. Although the graphics are quite simple, in return, it is built with extremely fun gameplay. The game brings a world that is being destroyed extremely cruelly. Humans are becoming less and less due to being gradually destroyed by the undead. Only a few people survived on the scale of the earth. Now only by working together can hope to find a chance to survive. When danger is always lurking everywhere, saving the world is also a responsibility that the survivors need to shoulder.

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Dead Ahead where humans are chased by zombie monsters. Because before that, the world had not stopped spreading the disease, and there were not many people left. While their enemies are fearsome creatures with extremely high endurance. The number is large, and it is difficult to deal with. Join the game, and players will become a warrior, working for the army. Carry out an important mission, and protect the survivors to safety. The game has many created missions that require players to perform. The purpose is to challenge yourself when fighting dangerous zombies. They won’t stop attacking once life is discovered. There is only one way to survive and that is to destroy them all. Guns and weapons will be equipped so do not hesitate to attack when meeting any enemy.

Dead Ahead Mod

Perform mission

Game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod has no shortage of challenges for players to prove themselves. But don’t think simply, all can lose their lives if the matter is ignored carefully. Without a specific strategy, the task performance may be subject to failure. When the enemy is not an ordinary creature but an extremely sensitive type in detecting life. Along with that, they have no fear of everything just doing instinctively. While the player participates in the challenge, the main purpose is to protect the surviving children hiding in the bus. Not every zombie killing is done. If you don’t protect them carefully so that everyone is killed, then everything will really end.

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The Challenge Should Increase

The challenge in Dead Ahead is designed by the developer to be a lot. But the point worth mentioning here is the difficulty. When the game is divided into many different levels. With each level, the player will face a more difficult challenge. Meet new zombie species with outstanding strength as well as the number will increase day by day. With the early levels can be quite simple and very easy to complete the task of killing them all. Not sure if the player is good, but there are only low-level zombies that move slowly. But go deep to see the difference, if there is no combination of the whole team. As well as improving your own skills, losing lives is completely possible.

Game Dead Ahead Mod

Variety of Weapons and Weapons

Hack Dead Ahead can be seen as one of the zombie-related games with the largest arsenal. When there are not only many types of guns that fire from a distance, but close-range combat also has many. Not to mention the most common types such as M4A1 or Ak4, shotgun … These are guns with great damage, very suitable for killing zombies. There are also knives, swords, or simply shovels. All can be equipped for the character when fighting brings great effect. Almost only one or two shots can take the enemy’s life although it will be a bit dangerous. But that is not enough, the game also has flamethrowers. Once used, it is almost impossible for any zombie to survive.

Tai Dead Ahead Mod

By playing game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, players will have a great feature. The free shopping mod will facilitate the ability to own all items. But before that, it needs to be exchanged for a lot of money. Anything that the player needs can be freely chosen in the store. When everything is available now. The price will still appear the same but no need to worry. Just click and you can buy without paying. For example, the equipment is free to shop for as long as you can win and complete all the challenges.

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