Dead by Daylight Mod APK 5.4.1024 (Menu, Wallhack, FOV)

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Dead by Daylight Mod APK 5.4.1024 (Menu, Wallhack, FOV)
Name Dead by Daylight
Version 5.4.1024
MOD Features Menu, Wallhack, FOV
Size 1.59GB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Behaviour Interactive


Dead by Daylight Mod game will let you experience attractive, dramatic, and suspenseful levels. The genre of the game is a combination of many genres such as horror, role-playing, action, and strategy. The plot in the game is inspired by horror novels. The diverse gameplay will make you addicted to this game. The level revolves around the activities of barbaric murderers. Your mission in this game is to find survivors and destroy them. The context of each game screen will take place in a different place. Each location is an environment. But they all have in common that the place is always dark and scary. The action in the game definitely gives you chills. In addition, this is an offline match online game. So you won’t have to worry about losing your life and having no games to play. But you will have to use a mobile phone with a high version and good processing speed. Because this game has a very high configuration and capacity.

Download Dead by Daylight Mod – Play as a killer, go and destroy other players

The plot of Dead by Daylight Mod is inspired by horror novels. When playing the game in online mode. You can play with your friends or other players. When there are 5 players in the same round. You will start a very scary game. Unexpected things and dangers are always lurking for you at every corner. Plus, you’ll experience the thrill of impersonating the killer. Let’s create terror for the wanted survivors. Find and destroy all of them. But don’t forget, you will also be their target. Be the last one alive to complete the mission. Regardless of which character you join the game with, please complete your mission well. Also, you will have to practice regularly to improve your personal skills.

Dead by Daylight Mod

Quest System

Coming to Dead by Daylight Mod you will experience extremely diverse missions. The quest system is based on the game plot content. In particular, the game also uses a random map system. Force players to get used to and adapt to a variety of maps. Here you will play as an assassin whose mission is to destroy the survivors. You will have to take advantage of everything around you so you can destroy them. Kill all other survivors to complete the mission. Or you will play as a fugitive. You will run away from the killers. Find safe places to hide, away from the pursuit of the killer. Cooperate with other chased people to plan their escape. Or maybe work together to fight the killer.

Game Dead by Daylight Mod

Diverse character system

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose many different characters. You can choose a girl, a man, or even an old man as the killer. It’s all up to you to choose. The character system includes Michael Myers, Ghost Face, Pyramid Head, Leatherface, etc. They are all famous killers in horror movies. Each character is designed with an impressive look very similar to the movie killers. The similarity between the characters is that they are all cold-blooded killers. The only difference between them is the method of committing the crime and the different appearance. For the brutal killer, they will have a large body, with a gun in hand. And those who run away are like a bird with a broken wing, always in a state of waiting to die.

Dead by Daylight Mod

Gameplay and types of resources to collect

Dead by Daylight Mod has open-style gameplay. The level is taken in a large dark location. Therefore, you and other players can move freely. Participating in the game, you will be randomly selected by the system as a murderer or a fugitive. Whether you’re a chaser or a fugitive, you need to get used to your surroundings. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to win. In addition, you can also interact with other players. Through rescue operations or communication items. For example, if you play as a fugitive from a murderer. Then when you step on the killer’s trap, make him discover you. Quickly remove the trap and use it to fight the killer. Then look for a chance to escape.

download Dead by Daylight Mod

In Dead by Daylight Mod, you will have to find and collect 3 main types of ingredients. They can be used as mediators of exchange. You can unlock other items, equipment, and characters. Each item requires different quantities and materials to trade. In it, you can unlock the character with gold coin materials. Or you can upgrade your character with the corresponding materials.

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