Dead Cells Mod APK 3.3.15 (Menu, Shopping, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/12/2023
Dead Cells Mod APK 3.3.15 (Menu, Shopping, Unlocked)
Name Dead Cells
Latest Version v3.3.15
File capacity 860MB
MOD Features Menu, Shopping, Unlocked
Support Android 6.0+
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Playdigious


Talking about old games, it is impossible not to mention a familiar name Dead Cells. A long-standing mobile action game. Although it has been a long time, the heat of the game has never decreased. Since its release, Dead Cells has always been warmly welcomed by the gaming community. The plot of the game is a special weapon that attracts attention. With support on Android, iOS makes the game accessible to everyone. A series of stubborn monsters are waiting for you to challenge. Create a surprise attack and make them unable to react.

Download Dead Cells Mod – Role-playing game against the forces of darkness

The hard times reveal the wisdom, when the most dangerous we always come up with the best ideas. Dead Cells drops you in the middle of a life-and-death battle. Enemies are not only in one direction but danger everywhere that threatens your life. Only steel warriors with spirit and iron will can win. Control the character to move on the map with appropriate virtuosity. Each character has a lot of moves, you must know each skill that is suitable for each character. Only then will you be able to maximize your character’s strength.

The gameplay is simple but you have to practice a lot to master the skills. Perform tasks, receive valuable gifts and use that as a motivation to achieve higher goals. Download Dead Cells now and destroy monsters right away.

Download Dead Cells Mod APK

The gameplay is diverse and unpredictable

Dead Cells Mod has a perfect blend of classic and modern, action mixed with a bit of adventure. All that novelty has created a diverse gameplay. There are 7 moves for a character when playing the game. Let’s transform the moves to make it more diverse and unpredictable. Ready to destroy the enemy quickly and win. All moves require a cooldown. You need to calculate the time to have the most reasonable and strongest combat attacks. There are unique tricks with your own brand and only you.

Moving in the game is not as simple as other games. In Dead Cells there are many very special ways for you to move such as chains, jumping or crossing fences. No more being bored by the traditional way of moving. You can unleash your creativity in your own way. In particular, changing the way of movement makes it difficult for the enemy to judge and turn back in time.

Tải Dead Cells MOD

Uncover the mysteries of the dungeon

The harder something is to see, the more mysterious it is, the more interesting it is. Behind the dark dungeons are things that bring you joy. But with it comes extreme fear. New weapons, different unique items will be discovered when you explore the dungeon. Try to change the traditional weapons. Can be exchanged for novel weapons to reduce boredom. New things with impressive colors. In turn, you will meet enemies with different strengths. More and more gates behind, the stronger the enemy will be.

Attractive rewards

When passing through the gates, destroy the enemies. Countless valuable rewards are waiting for you to discover in Dead Cells. The types of mystical powers have extremely special power. When you pass each round you will receive a bonus. This bonus helps you upgrade, buy more advanced equipment. When encountering strong enemies, we also need the same weapons and strength. Accumulate a lot of money to be able to upgrade and buy suitable items.

In addition, if you defeat some special enemies, you will unlock mysterious powers with permanent effects. There are varieties that make vines out of clusters of green slime. The other allows you to teleport between coffins. The third type gives you the ability to jump between walls to reach new heights.

Game Dead Cells MOD

Mysterious image

It is not surprising that Dead Cells Mod uses red and black tones. A mystical scene created by the brilliance of red but combined with the mystery of black. Create a realistic feeling when you are role-playing to explore the dark lands. Besides, there are images of magical weapons such as moving chains, combat weapons. The effects when attacking, winning or dying are also depicted in a fanciful way. In addition, the attractive sound has added to the attractiveness of the game.

Hack game Dead Cells

Considered a game that is quite difficult to play on mobile, because the enemy is too strong and you do not have enough weapons and equipment to destroy the enemy. COROMOD we understand the difficulty of players, so we researched and released the Dead Cells version. This version is added unlimited money feature. You can buy anything you like completely free. Possessing all the most powerful weapons in the game makes it much easier to overcome the levels.

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