Dead Shell: Pixel Roguelike RPG Mod 1.3.11 (Unlimited Money, DNA)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/02/2024
Dead Shell: Pixel Roguelike RPG Mod 1.3.11 (Unlimited Money, DNA)
Name Dead Shell - Pixel Roguelike RPG
Version v1.3.11
Size 69MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, DNA
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers HeroCraft Ltd.


Dead Shell Mod is an action game with sci-fi elements. Created and published by HeroCraft Ltd team. It is the perfect combination of modern warfare with guns and ammunition. With classic dungeon gameplay. Promising to bring new things, and unique gameplay for players to have the most interesting experience. The adventure journey stretches throughout the entire game. Challenges with countless mysteries are waiting for those brave enough to explore. Along with countless battles against the evil forces of fearsome monsters. Fight for the peace of the world, and protect life on the entire planet. As well as showing your ability to become a warrior fighting for everyone.

Download Dead Shell Mod – Through All Dark Dungeons

As mentioned above, Dead Shell Mod will bring battles in dark dungeons. A place that hides a lot of mysteries as well as many kinds of scary monsters. It could be said that the place was their base or home. And players when joining the game will become warriors. The mission is to enter the underground labyrinth. To uncover the secrets hidden in it. Like finding treasures, however, there are always challenges to challenge players. The game creates a variety of monsters guarding inside that require destruction if you want to continue the journey. Of course, the deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes. Monsters increase in strength through each door, so players must be prepared. With a full arsenal of weapons and the spirit of always being alert to all situations.Game Dead Shell Mod

Real Challenge

Dead Shell Mod is not as easy as you think, only when you join can you really see how good the game brings. Built by the manufacturer with a multitude of gates divided into many levels. Each level is a task to overcome on the journey of discovery. Search for mysteries in the vast maze. And the indispensable thing that creates a real challenge for players is the monsters. Hides everywhere in the dungeon and always attacks when sensing an enemy. And don’t be afraid to destroy your entire army that leads. Of course, gradually the difficulty will be increased with increasing numbers. With new powers, if you’re inadvertent, you can completely end the game in a moment.Download Dead Shell Mod

Forming a Team

Unlike many games that only stop at single players. Dead Shell Mod is designed in addition to being able to play solo in teams, demonstrating the power of unity. At first, it seemed that there was only one body going into the dungeons to fight the enemy. But gradually the difficulty increased. To ensure complete victory, players can unlock more characters. Form yourself a squad, with up to eight members. Of course, each person will have a different job such as a mercenary, assassin, etc. As well as carrying different abilities, each person is designed to have their own ability index. But on the team, they all become warriors fighting monsters. As long as there is harmony, everything can be successful, overcoming all obstacles.Tai Dead Shell Mod

Diverse Armory

The indispensable thing for every action game is the weapon. Dead Shell Mod is also designed as a whole warehouse with many different types. But as a modern dungeon-style game, the weapons here are guns. With many genres and designs. In addition to the common types such as rifles, and submachine guns, … the game also has special types. Tailored to match games like plasma gun which is a spark gun. The power is not to be discussed, can destroy monsters with one shot. There is also an indispensable type of melee weapon. Like knives, swords, etc., if you know how to use them, you can completely create miracles. Bringing unexpected victories.Dead Shell Mod

There’s nothing better than having an unused amount of money. You can buy all your favorite items as well as necessary for combat. And for Dead Shell Mod, there are characters or weapons that will need to cost money if you want to use them. Equipping your inventory gives you an advantage when participating in dungeon battles. Easier to win, and easier to kill monsters. So the unlimited money mod version was created to help with that. Giving players a huge amount of money, the more they use it, the more it will increase. Feel free to get the best experience.

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