Dead Target MOD 4.132.0 (Menu, All Guns Unlocked, Full Ammo, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Free Shopping, Onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/06/2024
Dead Target MOD {{version}} (Menu, All Guns Unlocked, Full Ammo, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Free Shopping, Onehit)
Name Dead Target
Version v4.132.0
Size 156MB
MOD Features Menu, All Guns Unlocked, Full Ammo, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Free Shopping, Onehit
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free


Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D is a best offline FPS shooting action game for phones. The war broke out between a group of commandos who were friends and teammates with an army of bloodthirsty monsters. These zombies were previously government prisoners of war. But they became victims of biological weapons in the “Death Target” project. This project of the Ministry of Defense assigned to MZ company to research and implement. But unexpectedly MZ betrayed, and infected the entire population of a city. Use this destructive weapon to threaten with the ambition to control the army and the president. Before the government launches a counterattack, you are tasked with going to the battlefield to gather information.

Download Dead Target Mod – War with zombies and save the world

Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D takes your team to a city full of demons. The undead are everywhere and ready to attack every time you appear. The mission failed and the whole team died, in the end only you and agent M survived. Take up arms against the zombies around you and find your way out of this deadly land. Try to kill as many zombie as you can because this achievement will be saved. Download Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D and start this extremely attractive mortal battle right now. A Vietnamese game released by VNG Game Studio, but has also been well received by international friends.

Download Dead Target MOD

The mission of the warriors

When playing the role of an excellent spy in version Dead Target Mod. Your mission is to destroy zombies and protect peace for mankind. Bring life to this dark city. Your mission is extremely noble, because you have to prevent monsters from entering the residential area. Surround and protect a research area, where scientists are making vaccines. Attack the zombies approaching the subway to prevent the spread to other cities. The later levels, the more tasks and valuable rewards will also be. Some of the most basic missions for beginners: Kill 150 undead, destroy a boulder, kill poisonous spiders, etc.

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Awesome weapon

Weapons in the Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D are not too diverse, but they have high destructive power. Full convergence of genres such as rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, laser guns … According to the introduction of the publisher, you will easily own this modern arsenal. Without spending too much hard work plowing. But complete as many quests as possible for a chance to unlock legendary weapons. For example, Tesla Gun, MGL-140, Sound Breaker, McMillan CS5 … Lucky to have them in hand, you will blow away the zombies in a blink of an eye. Besides, damage, accuracy, rate of fire, reload time, crit… are stats that you can further upgrade.

Game Dead Target MOD

Stunning 3D graphics

Dead Target Mod is an offline FPS shooting game with stunning 3D graphics. There’s incredible detail and realistic sound effects for an immersive experience. Developed on the basis of Unity Engine 4.0 has created quite realistic lighting. Shows the infected zombies’ real legs and scenes of them biting, tear their prey. The scene before your eyes are things of the real apocalypse. Dead bodies were lying on the ground, red blood stained the crevices of the water. Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D helps you have the most realistic experience, playing games on your phone but you will feel like you are standing in the middle of the battlefield. You will have to stand up with the times when zombies attack you from all sides.

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With more than 100 million downloads from Google Play, with the comments are compliments. Then I can confirm that Dead Target Mod is a game worth playing. Or another game also from VNG GAME STUDIOS and also worth a try is ZOMBIE HUNTER. Newly launched in 2020 but has attracted a lot of gamers. With fierce gun battles with the evil undead promises to continue the success of this game.

Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D shared by me will have extremely cool editing features. Like the possibility of unlimited money, you will be able to shop for the most advanced weapons. Onehit feature with the ability to finish zombies in just 1 bullet… Download game and choose your weapon, get ready to go to the battlefield and protect peace for mankind.

Features in the Dead Target Mod

  • Dramatic action gameplay of the FPS first-person shooter genre.
  • Zombies have many different shapes and abilities for players to experience.
  • Sharp 3D graphics with vivid, realistic visual effects.
  • The system is equipped with a variety of weapons with many types of destructive weapons with great damage such as rifles, shotguns, machines, grenade launchers ….
  • Complete missions to unlock new rounds and score more bonus points.
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