Decisions Mod 13.0 (Unlimited Money/Moves)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/05/2024
Decisions Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money/Moves)
Name Decisions
Version v13.0
Size 144MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Moves
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free


Decisions Mod takes you on an adventure with many mysterious stories across different genres. Will you play the set characters and experience what is there? Join this game as the decider. The game features a diverse collection of stories on a variety of topics. Like psychology, love, drama, and more. In every story capture the sequence of events to tie all the details together. You decide who you are, what happens next, and the end of the story. It is the free and liberal gameplay that makes the appeal of this game. Besides, with realistic and sophisticatedly designed graphics. It is the element that makes the game accessible to all players.

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Decisions Mod is one of the most successful games of the publisher It engages players with its intuitive, modern interactive gameplay. Close to real life and offer simple gameplay. The system of stories is diverse with many different situations. In each story, you will transform into different characters. Show your ability to handle the situation to get through the story. The events are tightly structured, like in a real movie. Rearrange them to find clues to pass the stage. Also, you don’t just get to play as other characters. You can also customize the outfit to your liking. So if you like fashion, this game will also please you. There seems to be everything you need in this interactive game.

Decisions Mod

Story System

The story system in Decisions Mod will make you fall in love. With a beautiful design and linked storyline. Create a sequence of events that make you admire. Let’s take a look at some standout stories that you’ll probably want to play right away.

  • Queen of Hearts: It is a story with a classic setting, where you play a beautiful but low-status girl. In the magnificent royal castle, you try to win the heart of the prince. But can you overcome the harsh principles of the castle-hiding life? Do the choices lead to a good or bad ending? It all depends on you.
  • Baby Highness: Where you, as a young designer. Have fun with your desire to make your mark at international fashion week. What will you do to get there? Here are full of fashion stores. Unique templates so you can unleash your creativity and follow your dreams.
  • Pregnancy Crisis – It’s All About Your Journey. As you take care of your best friend throughout the adventure. She got Thai only when she was 17 years old. But you fell in love with her playboy brother while already having feelings for someone else. How will this uncomfortable situation develop? You need to make the right choices to get what you want. The trust of best friends and true love.

at Decisions Mod

Character selection and fate

Decisions Mod allows you to immerse yourself in the most emotional moments. Of stories as the main character. But enjoy it in the best and most appropriate way. You can customize your look through the available outfit options. With the right look, you can impress others. That will change the relationship. Although there are only clothing options. But it turned out so great. You don’t have to touch every part or accessory to customize. So this will save time.

Game Decisions Mod

In addition to the customization options, you also have the choice to determine the majority of the game’s plot. In some critical situations, the game offers you questions and choices. Make informed decisions to shape the story your own way. You can increase your intimacy with a character or make them your best friend. You can also choose the fate of the main character yourself. There are dozens of different endings, but which one is right for you? It’s all up to you to decide.

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Character interaction

Interaction is the most important and indispensable element in Decisions Mod. The characters will talk to each other through dialog boxes and the words will gradually appear as clues. There are also sometimes options for the user to choose whether to use replies or actions. Then react or act intelligently according to the situation. To be able to complete the story easily.

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