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By MinhDuc - New update 14/04/2024
Decor Life Mod {{version}} (Free shopping)
Name Decor Life
Version v1.0.32
Size 154MB
MOD Features Free shopping
Support Android 7.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Life simulation or home decoration games have long attracted gamers, especially women. Decor Life Mod is one of those games that always arouse people’s curiosity and imagination. So since its launch, it has received a lot of reception from people all over the world. The game has a high core value and many addictive elements. With the theme of simulating household appliances around the house, which is very popular today. Show off your decorating skills. Each house exudes its own unique beauty. Let’s find out if this game has anything groundbreaking or different from competitors of the same type.

Download Decor Life Mod – DIY Interior Decoration Of Each House

Decor Life Mod is the best decoration simulation game on the market today. Here, players need to design houses. Develop yourself around home decoration. Published by SayGames, a famous game publisher. Although released not long ago, the game has reached more than 10 million downloads. Along with that, more than 100,000 positive user reviews on Google Play. This is a very impressive achievement. Here, you will experience a feeling like a real architect or interior designer. This is considered the perfect product for architectural art lovers. Forget about shooting games, fiery races, or tricky puzzle battles. Here, the player will be transported to another world. You can unleash your imagination to design your own home.Decor Life Mod

Style play

With extremely simple gameplay, creating interest in each round. Decor Life Mod has created a deep highlight in each player’s heart right from the first experience. The game is a subtle combination of Unpacking and Home Design. From there, create an attractive home interior design game. This will be a hot trend in the future. When decorating the interior of your home becomes extremely important. Well here, the game has done it well. Gives players a better understanding of decorations, allowing them to change multiple designs at once. That is not possible in games of the same type.Ear Decor Life Mod

Renovate many rooms

After getting familiar with the mechanics and gameplay through some of the Decor Life Mod’s initial tutorials. The player begins, by selecting client symbols in his vicinity. There are many empty rooms, from small to large, messy to simply waiting for you to improve. Let’s turn them into one-of-a-kind homes when renovated inside and out. Each room in the neighborhood will have different themes and decoration styles. Depends on the personality and work of the owner. Therefore, players must consider the introduction and their wishes to be able to arrange and arrange the most suitable.

The first step in decorating the home of the Decor Life Mod. It is to sweep away dirt and unnecessary items. Next, you have to rearrange the existing furniture in the house, so that they become neater, cleaner and more organized. Only then can those items be replaced one by one. With just a reasonable arrangement, the room can become a lot more beautiful. The more satisfied customers are, the greater the bonus earned through each game screen. It sounds easy, but finding the right elements. Putting the design in the perfect places in the room is actually a more challenging challenge.Game Deco Life Mod


The heat of Decor Life Mod is undeniable. Because it has a simple 2D graphic design. But no less sharp. It is this design style that creates a strong highlight for players. Because the game design is often oriented toward many colors. So balancing the image to suit the player is something few games have.

Unleash design

In addition, when experiencing Decor Life Mod, players can unleash their creativity and ingenious design. Because here creativity will not be limited by any factors. In addition, the houses must be designed according to the desired theme. Players can then unlock decorations and renovate the empty houses to their liking. You want to have a house in the wild forest. Or an aristocratic luxury house or a classic riverside mansion. The game can fulfill all those Decor Life Mod

There are no beauty standards in the Decor Life Mod. Players have the freedom to design according to their thoughts. And no one will judge the quality of each of those rooms. So players just need to think about the room they want to design. And feel happy after achieving the goal.
This free game offers relaxation and entertainment to the players. Even if players don’t have a design background, they can still be creative in their own way.

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