Defense Legend 4 MOD APK 1.0.91 (Menu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/12/2023
Defense Legend 4 MOD APK 1.0.91 (Menu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier)
Name Defense Legend 4
Latest Version v1.0.91
File capacity 106MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier
Support Android 5.0+
Category Strategy
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers GCenter


The dark world is always full of dangers for humans. The place where a lot of scary enemies appear. Defense Legend 4 is the next installment in the series of Defense Legend games from GCenter. In this version, there will be more improvement in image quality. All features are improved in a more diverse way for players to freely manipulate. This continues to be a game where you are fighting with evil rival forces. The battle against the dark army with the ambition to dominate the universe. Bringing extremely dramatic fighting moments to players. Do not ignore this game if you are a lover of the tactical defense game genre.

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Defense Legend 4 APK will contain new experiences like no other game thanks to its unique sci-fi concepts. In this game, players build the most modern and powerful defenses on Earth to block all attacks. Besides, you can control your spaceship to support ground units and destroy everything with high-tech weapons. The battles take place continuously for players to show their own strength. Destroy all enemies, conquer all challenges. Open the light of freedom to the world and no opponent can stand against. There are many other interesting things waiting for you.

Download Defense Legend 4 MOD – Fight against dangerous forces of darkness

Defense Legend 4 is a tactical defense game that is no longer strange to us. The gameplay is quite simple to help you quickly approach as well as learn in a convenient way. Your task is to prevent the invasion of the dark forces by building battle towers. These towers will continuously attack to destroy the forces of darkness out there. You will get a bonus if an enemy unit falls. The battle between you and your opponent will become more fierce, many challenges occur. Do not forget to upgrade and maintain the squad to ensure the final victory.

The powerful armies from the opponent will bring many great obstacles to the player. Countless difficulties and challenges come from the very beginning of the battle. The strategic gameplay is familiar but still makes a difference through each battle screen. Many waves of aggression and fierce attacks from the opponent will continuously take place. They come with a fairly large force, always creating pressure for the warrior. The mission in Defense Legend 4 is to stop the action, destroy all the enemies that appear. Increase your fighting power and don’t let your opponent get an advantage. Bonuses will also be awarded after completing missions. Deploy tactics yourself, coordinate with teammates to create many outstanding feats.

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Attack combined defense

Enemies are numerous and dangerous, but we also have our own options. Use weapons as well as deliver the most powerful attacks. Choose the right battle plan, deal with each enemy. Game Defense Legend 4 has a variety of options to replace the positions you want. From machine gun turrets, laser guns, grenade launchers, etc. to flamethrowers all appear. Their attack range is also different for the appropriate positions in the squad. Upgrading these can greatly enhance damage. Make it difficult for the enemy to break through the barrier you create. From there, overcome major invasions and win.

In addition to performing offense, defense is also very important. Arrange a reasonable squad, create an advantage to fight the enemy. Build tight defensive barriers, not allowing the enemy to escape. After completing the level, you will receive valuable rewards to upgrade the defense tower before starting the next level. Use all skills to create glorious feats. Smart fighting style and grasping the battle will help you easily conquer victory.

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Diverse combat terrain

Defense Legend 4 brings you to the world of battlefield terrain. From the desert, the forest, the frozen land,… will be the place where you fight. Each area will have its own challenges and difficulties for you. Requires a constantly changing game strategy. The change of terrain will also stimulate players to have a feeling of conquering many battles. Try to adapt and get used to the environments, giving impressive attacks. Arrange a squad with many talented heroes, ready to fight. Go to every location where the opponent is present, duel to destroy them all. Become a master of all terrains in the universe.

Defense Legend 4 will continuously challenge your intellect and skills. The deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes and you need to learn to improve. So you should learn about them carefully to be able to arrange the appropriate defense. In addition, this game also has a rewind mode to increase or decrease the speed of the game. This will help you speed up the game to save yourself time.

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Scary Giant Enemies

Your enemies are not simply weak and insignificant combat units. No longer simply attacking on the ground, they were arrayed in all directions, on the planet’s surface, in the air, and even underground. In addition to weapons, The Dark also includes age-old dark magic. They increased their own strength and advanced like a hurricane in the destruction of the human base. Monsters in the game Defense Legend 4 have a unique and epic appearance, even constantly creating surprises for players. The boss fight is always a complex challenge, promising to bring a lot of feeling and sheer excitement.

However, you will not feel alone in the matches. The hero squads will step by step support you in difficult situations. Quickly restore your strength, giving you more momentum to participate in the next matches. Defense Legend 4  is a new generation defense game with modern technology, super powerful enemies in a fantasy space setting. In addition, its content and gameplay continuously expand in depth, giving players many options to develop strategy. Are you ready to defeat the enemy The Dark and unleash the power of human combat?

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