Diner DASH Adventures Mod 1.57.2 (Menu, Unlimited Resources, Levels, Always Win)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/04/2024
Diner DASH Adventures Mod {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Resources, Levels, Always Win)
Name Diner DASH Adventures
Version v1.57.2
Size 123MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Resources, Levels, Always Win
Support Android 6.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Glu


Diner DASH Adventures Mod is a simulation game that takes cooking and customer service to the next level. Join the game, you will be the owner of a small restaurant in town. Your job is to serve hungry customers and beat the competition. Work as a chef, waiter, and business planner. Prepare delicious dishes, from the main course to dessert. With hundreds of great ingredients and recipes. Also, need to serve the dishes quickly. Because there are many customers waiting in front of the restaurant. Start rebuilding the city from the ruins. Customize it to attract more residents.

Download Diner DASH Adventures Mod – Cooking and serving simulation gameplay

You are a lover if you eat. I want to bring my customers the food that I created by myself. Diner DASH Adventures Mod gives you an on-site cooking simulation experience. Delivers a well-constructed story to engage players. The film tells the story of Flo, a chef who leaves his hometown to start a business. But now, he is back in his town again. To help a group of people and animals escape the domination of the obnoxious Mr.Big. They are bad guys who use violence to get people to buy their food. While destroying buildings and turning cities into ruins. Don’t make it worse, build and renovate the city with Flo.Diner DASH Adventures Mod

Create a new cooking craze in town

So what does Flo need to do to save the city in Diner DASH Adventures Mod? Intending to start a new culinary style to help residents escape the rule of Mr. You will help her discover hundreds of incredible recipes, attract customers and earn profits. Get into the kitchen to cook and prepare delicious food like donuts, burgers, bacon, salad, and chicken,… Make more cakes, pastries, coffee, and smoothies,… To do this, just touch the screen. The challenge is the customers waiting at the door. You need to cook quickly so that no one has to wait and feel uncomfortable. The job is to keep everyone happy with the right food and super fast service.Diner DASH Adventures Mod

But how can speed be improved if you don’t want to hire more staff? It is possible to cook multiple dishes at the same time in Diner DASH Adventures Mod instead of cooking one dish and then waiting is very wasteful. In addition, more kitchen appliances and utensils can be locked to cook more dishes. Don’t forget to upgrade or replace your kitchen appliances. This also speeds up cooking and serving. Also, don’t overlook the useful boosters. You will amaze your opponents with your progress.

Renovate the town with a variety of items

Besides cooking, you also have another important task in Diner DASH Adventures Mod. It is to renovate the city after the destruction of the enemy. You do this by unlocking buildings. Build new structures, repair old ones and upgrade them all. Money to unlock, repair and upgrade come from the restaurant business. So work hard on cooking and serving to speed up small-town recovery. You can also unlock new restaurants that you purchased as a franchisee to increase the prosperity of your town. Build buildings ranging from residential areas to banks and parks,… and more.Game Diner DASH Adventures Mod

Join minigames

To unlock new items and recipes in Diner DASH Adventures Mod. Don’t miss out on unique events happening every day. It is cooking, painting, singing, fashion, and many other competitions. They are valued because they can help you collect attractions. Rewards for improving restaurants and towns. Besides, this is also a way to relax after crazy cooking hours. Take part in exciting competitions, compete with friends and chase rewards.download Diner DASH Adventures Mod

With a beautiful and fun design, Diner DASH Adventures Mod will make all players fall in love at first sight. Here, you will find funny and lively cartoon character images. They can be your customers or many other small-town chefs. The delicious dishes are also lovely designed with many bright colors, looking enchanting. Playful and relaxing music will also entertain you after a tiring day at work.

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