Dino Bash MOD 1.9.8 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, unlock all dinos, everything)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/03/2024
Dino Bash MOD 1.9.8 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, unlock all dinos, everything)
Name Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle
Version v1.9.8
Size 82MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, gems, unlock all dinos, everything
Support Android 4.4+
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Tilting Point


Too stressful with hard working days. Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle is a perfect choice for you. A witty, funny game released by the house of Tilting Point . With cute dinosaurs “sou-up, su-down”. Bring players into the cute world of dinosaurs. An animal that has been extinct for thousands of years. Are you wondering about them? Download the game and join now to experience. Your task is to play the role of big dinosaurs, chase all humans intruding into the green forest. The completely new gameplay gives players exciting experiences.

Download Dino Bash Mod – Explore the life of dinosaurs

Set in the prehistoric era of the wild Jurassic era. Huge dinosaurs are living and developing at this time. The story begins with human greed. They attacked and robbed the eggs of the dinosaurs. Even more cruel, they even hunt them for food. In the face of that oppression, dinosaurs stood up against human encroachment. In the game Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle you will be playing the role of dinosaurs. You get to see huge dinosaurs, ancient creatures. Explore the life and context of ancient times, everything is very wild and full of fun. Help the dinosaurs protect their eggs, repel human encroachment.

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The gameplay does not hurt the brain

Although the game has taken the main content of the big dinosaurs. But thegame Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle does not have the same heavy or terrorist tendencies as Dino Hunter. All the details of the game’s activities are carried out gently and simplified. Eliminate all life pressure, relax comfortably with the game. Initially, you use the provided items to disguise and protect the eggs. Even those items can be used to attack egg thieves. The game is also a perfect combination of strategy and adventure. So to win a certain you must have clear tactics.

Nothing is difficult when you step into this exciting animal world. Your job is like a ‘letter’, arranging and adjusting the dinosaur army, preventing the conflicts of ancient mankind. The key of the game is indispensable for eggs, always pay attention and protect it.

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Unique landscape

A primeval earth that has not been ravaged by humans, everything is still intact. The majestic beauty of mother nature is realistically portrayed by the game. The primeval forests, immense grasslands, smooth rivers, etc. The feeling of letting go of all the chaos of life, immersing yourself in nature. A relaxing, comfortable feeling that you will get when playing Dino Bash Mod.

There are many interesting and interesting things for you to discover. The dinosaurs are friendly and close, especially extremely cute. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature. You can also take advantage of nature to drive away enemies. Try this game and find out for yourself.

Diversity of dinosaurs

Although the scene is primitive, but the terrible friends in the game Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle are extremely diverse. A variety of dinosaur species from small to large spoiled for you to choose. They will be divided into many different types with different abilities. Dinosaurs such as Sauroposidon, Nyasasaurus, theropods, tyrannosaurs, Stegosaurus, etc. Each dinosaur species has its own advantages and disadvantages. That includes movement speed, attack power, defense ability, and so on.

If you want a dinosaur with great damage, choose carnivorous dinosaurs instead of herbivores. Although the damage is large, the amount of health is extremely weak. Another species with a slight opposite is the long-necked dinosaur that has a terrible amount of health but has a slow movement speed and low combat power. There are many dinosaur species with different characteristics. Or try to collect all the species. Because they have different properties, you have to be smart in how to use them. To be able to maximize the strengths as well as overcome the weaknesses of each species.

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Simple, cute pictures and sounds

Graphically designed with sharp 3D images. Scenes and characters in the game Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle are depicted with cheerful and pleasant colors. The weapons, although used to fight, are still shaped in a funny way. Combined with that is lively sound, fun background music, creating excitement for players. What are you thinking about, download the game right away. When downloading the Mod version of the game, you will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Then you can unlock all the dinosaurs and add to your squad. Let’s experience it together.

MOD APK Feature of Dino Bash

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • Unlimited apples unlimited money
  • Unlimited everything
  • Full coins and diamonds
  • Unlock all dinos

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