Download Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod APK 2.11 (Menu, Immortal, Unlocked) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 08/11/2023
Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod APK 2.11 (Menu, Immortal, Unlocked)
Name Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D
Version v2.11
Size 90MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Free Pixel Games Ltd.


Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod is built with simple gameplay. Wishing to bring the best entertainment for all players. Created and developed by the team of Free Pixel Games Ltd. When entering the game, players will have the opportunity to test their abilities. With pre-designed matches. When transformed into dinosaurs in prehistoric times. Try to strive for the goal of achieving a high level as quickly as possible. In order to avoid attacks from other creatures, here strength is what determines life. If it is too weak, the chance of being killed by the enemy will be very high. Only quickly becoming strong can you become a hunter. Eat any weaker prey towards an area hegemony.

Download Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod – Role Play as a Dinosaur to Join the Hunting

Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod is exactly a hunting game. Similar to the famous snake game. The only difference here, players when participating will be able to control larger creatures. Dinosaurs of huge size are at the top of the food chain. And the prey here is people, belonging to different tribes. Spread across the map, the opponent is other dinosaurs. As for the gameplay, it is still the same, quickly hunt to be able to develop. Do everything you can to become bigger, stronger, and level up. Make all enemies unseen. Because the weaker ones cannot afford to destroy the strong ones. This is obvious, and accordingly, the number of prey that the player can hunt will also increase. It is completely possible to kill all opponents, the dinosaurs are controlled by others.Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod

Easy Controls

Game Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod is designed with a simple control system. Everything from moving dinosaurs to attacking. It’s all decided by the flick of a finger. Touch the top to go in any direction, and the player’s character also goes in that direction. Extremely intuitive, very easy to grasp and control. Want to go faster just press twice in succession on the screen and then slide in the direction you want to move. The rest is already designed. The dinosaur will eat itself when it touches its prey. It is important for the player to be quick to handle the situation quickly. When other enemies come running to attack, avoid and return to attack immediately. Lightning movement makes every creature fall prey.Tai Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod

Diverse Dinosaurs

Initially, when entering Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod, players will immediately have a dinosaur of their own. But the game is not only like that, there are many other dinosaurs that players can use. They have certain characteristics and shapes, reconstructed in accordance with reality. It will need to be unlocked though. And they all have one thing in common: they are all carnivores. The ability to hunt is always available from birth. But it also cannot be ruled out that each species will have certain advantages and disadvantages. Determined by basic indicators. For example, in terms of speed, the ability to level up is quick. Or Moving at high speed will be extended for a period of time.Game Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod

Prey Counterattack

Although Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod is built with predatory gameplay. But unlike most games of the same genre, the prey that can only stand still is an immobile object. As for the game, the prey is created in the form of a human. It is completely possible to move to escape when under attack. Even equipped with spear weapons, the mark can damage the player’s character. Not only that, but the developer also built houses. Many different constructions, typically guarded huts. If not strong enough, it is very difficult to destroy in one attack.Download Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod

Dinosaur Attack Simulator 3D Mod of an external player’s character subject to attack from prey. The enemy is also a very dangerous object and is the main cause of the end of the match. Characters in the game can completely die easily. Becoming the strongest dinosaur is really difficult. Because of that, the immortal mod is added. Absolutely no worries about losing, that can never happen. Even under repeated attacks, it is not possible to lose blood. In addition, the game also has an unlockable mod. Help players own all-designed dinosaurs.

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