Download Do Not Fall .io Mod APK 1.75.0 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked Skins) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 30/10/2023
Do Not Fall .io Mod APK 1.75.0 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked Skins)
Name Do Not Fall .io
Version v1.75.0
Size 43MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlock Skin
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free


Do Not Fall .io Mod is an extremely interesting entertainment game for you to join and experience. As a fast entertainment game, its use is very effective with what it brings. You will join this fun battle with other players created by the developer. Move in an area with honeycomb cells at the character’s feet. You will move to become the person who can survive until the last moment of the game. Because these honeycomb cells will disappear after a certain amount of time created by the game developer. Moving in a smart and reasonable way is a way for you to increase the duration of your character.

Download Do Not Fall .io Mod – Non-Stop Death Race

Do Not Fall .io Mod is a fast entertainment game, so you will be entertained anywhere and anytime. It will not require you to spend a certain amount of time playing the game. Whenever you are free or stressed, under pressure, open the game and start the most exciting death escape journey. With easy-to-understand gameplay, you can immediately know how to control the game from the moment you join. Everything in the game is done in a fairly simple style, with interesting monochrome colors. Move continuously and make precise jumps. To be able to step into the safe boxes and not fall to the bottom.

Download Do Not Fall .io Mod

First Stages

Do Not Fall .io Mod is a game that you can join completely for free on both Android and IOS operating system platforms. You will start participating in the game with certain instructions. Help you understand how to play and how to control quickly. You will then start participating in the game immediately. The first levels will be quite easy with unintelligent opponents. The opponents will usually be quite easy to die so you can become the only survivor of the game. But then more formidable opponents will appear. Make you need to increase your survival time to the maximum to be able to win.

Tai Do Not Fall .io Mod

Game Features

Do Not Fall .io Mod has interesting features that will increase the fun of the game experience for you. You can change your character’s style with a lot of different outfits. The game store is where you can shop for these special outfits. Choose and build a special outfit that only you can own. You can also change the main color of your character. But they all need a certain amount of resources to be able to buy them. You will receive a certain amount of resources after passing the challenges.

Game Do Not Fall .io Mod

Game Graphics

Do Not Fall .io Mod owns 3D graphics with everything made in a simplified way. The characters in the game are all made in the form of stick men, with very little detail created. Usually only made in a solid form with simple lines. In more special costumes, you can change the character’s image. The colors in the game are also made in a very minimalist way. When all the characters are made in monochrome for each player. The honeycomb cells at the foot are also only made according to certain colors of each gate. You will control the game from a top-down perspective, being able to see the terrain and moving opponents.

Do Not Fall .io Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Do Not Fall .io Mod version of the game. You will own all the different skins just when you start participating in this game. It doesn’t take much effort to get an abundant amount of resources to own. In addition, you will also own an unlimited amount of gold. To be able to freely shop and use other features in the game. No need to be too hesitant or save it for special cases. You will play the game in a fun and easier way than the regular version of the game.

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