DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod APK 1.8 (Top Dog)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/10/2023
DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod APK 1.8 (Top Dog)
Name DogLife: BitLife Dogs
Version v1.8
Size 104MB
MOD Features Top Dog
Support Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Candywriter, LLC


Dogs are animals that are very close to humans. In many families, dogs are considered close friends. And many people also share the same curiosity, wanting to know what the life of this animal is like. So DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod was created with the desire to meet that. When the player will follow in the footsteps of a type, depending on the choice. It can be domestic, feral, or domesticated dogs in stores. Communicating by situations are pre-designed texts. Appears on the screen with the content of the dog’s thoughts. At that time the player will need to choose one of the options given. And each decision will directly affect the dog’s emotions from happiness to health.

Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod – Learn The Simulated Life Of Dogs

Join the game DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod, players will be able to choose a dog they want. And the story will start around that dog. With a multitude of situations given are thoughts as well as wishes. And it’s the player’s job to understand that message and find a way to deal with it. Find the best ways to respond. Because each choice made will directly determine the dog’s life. Maybe getting better, having a loving and caring owner. Then the dog’s emotional level will be good. Otherwise, you may have to live in a messy place with other pets. If you are unlucky, there is not even food, creating negative emotions that cause anger levels to rise. And things go on like this until the end of life, until death everything really ends. Put yourself up like you’re really in the game,DogLife BitLife Dogs Mod

Choose the Dog You Want

DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod is built on the life of dogs. So the game has a lot of interesting options to try. Those are dogs of all different breeds and genres. From domestic dogs, and feral dogs to dogs raised in pet stores. With species known to many as the Japanese Shiba Inu. The Bulldog is a large breed from England and many more. Free for players to choose, challenge, and learn many stories about dogs. Their habits and preferences.Tai DogLife BitLife Dogs Mod

Simple Gameplay

The gameplay of DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod is really too simple. Even if you are new to the game for the first time, you can quickly grasp it. Because the job revolves around the life of a dog. The actions you want to perform will be displayed on the screen with the text. Just see what’s best and what it’s like to have a dog with a life. Will be able to make choices to match. And throughout the dog’s life, situations will constantly arise, which are requirements that need to be decided. Everything is immediately influenced by your choices in various directions.Game DogLife BitLife Dogs Mod

Interacting With Everything

For DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod how his life is for you to decide. Each choice will create a life, a direction of life. And of course, no matter what, there will be people and animals appearing in the dog’s life. May meet good owners, will live, play and play with them. But there will also be cases of bumping into a lousy owner, ready to abandon. Create negativity in your thoughts. And in addition, the typical animal in this game is the cat. The two species are almost opposites, always two opposing plates. So what will the player’s choice be, continue to live peacefully or fight? Quickly download the game experience to create your own story.Download DogLife BitLife Dogs Mod

DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod also has a system for classifying animals. Or it can be considered as a ranking to be used for comparison. As well as assessing how well the dog’s life is considered good or bad. And the desire to find out who is at the top and typically at the top. Show everyone that dogs are many times better animals than cats. But the upgrade criteria are not easy, it is necessary to ensure strictness in order to achieve the top. It’s really difficult for players, especially first-timers. So the top dog mod was built with the desire to help players more or less. Can get to the top on the leaderboard.

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