Drag Battle Mod APK 3.26.31 (Unlimited Money)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 30/10/2023
Drag Battle Mod APK 3.26.31 (Unlimited Money)
Name Drag Battle
Version 3.26.31
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 152MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Racing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Ice Storm


Drag Battle Mod is a racing game that will give you a lot of emotions. From suspense, and drama to bursting emotions when you win each race. It will be a most valuable experience that you cannot miss. Get lost in the world of supercars racing with the most terrifying speed. You will become a racer controlling the machines with your terrible horsepower. Is a game where you will not race with many people at once or race with super folding corners. In which you will race directly on a straight road with only one opponent. There will be many factors to create a victory for you.

Download Drag Battle Mod – Race With A Single Opponent

Drag Battle Mod is a free game that you can join on the mobile game store. A very easy game that you can get acquainted with and understand how to play immediately when you first join. You will equip your car with the most advanced upgrades possible to maximize its power ability. Then step onto the track with your opponent close to your car. Both will only race on a single straight road, you will not need to control the steering direction of the steering wheel. Instead, it is the ability to accelerate really fast with the accelerator and gear lever. Just a few seconds of delay will cause you to lose and stop the game.

Download Drag Battle Mod

Start Joining

Drag Battle Mod is a game developed by the developer on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will receive very enthusiastic instructions when you first join the game. These comprehensive guides will help you understand everything in a short amount of time. Then directly participate in the first races with your opponents. The opponents at this early stage will be very easy for you to win. Even if you are late a good amount of time, you can still get to the finish line first. But that doesn’t mean that later competitors will continue to easily repeat the same. Tremendous opponents with incredible acceleration are still waiting for you ahead.

Game Drag Battle Mod

Interesting Features

Drag Battle Mod has a lot of interesting features for you to enjoy the game experience when participating. You can change the shape of your car to the style you love. From car models to many famous brands in the world. To colors, stickers, or toys that you can add to your car. Along with that will be upgraded to improve the acceleration of the car you own. You will always have to upgrade and buy more expensive equipment. If you want to win with the upcoming strong opponents.

Tai Drag Battle Mod

Game Graphics

Drag Battle Mod owns a set of 3D graphics that are made very carefully to the smallest detail. The imaging system is invested by the developer quite carefully. Bringing you the most beautiful and sharp 3D animations for a great experience. The cars are beautifully made and simulate the most realistic car down to the smallest detail. The color of each car is also done in a very eye-catching way. Along with a diverse color system and stickers, it will give you a lot more diverse choices. The physics effect of the car’s acceleration at each stage is also very realistic. Victory will be most transparent and obvious when you can watch the slow-motion replay when both cars reach the finish line almost at the same time.

Drag Battle Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Drag Battle Mod version of the game. With this unlimited money feature, it will be a powerful tool to help you a lot in the racing journey. Now you can own the most expensive cars when just starting out. Along with that is the maximum upgrade power in all terms of the vehicle’s equipment. To reach maximum power in the game is the easiest way. You will not need to hesitate and try to gather resources. To be able to shop for your favorite cars and upgrades in the store. Now you can play the game a lot easier.

Download Drag Battle MOD APK 3.26.31 (Unlimited money) 2023

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