Download Drag Racing Bike Mod APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 28/12/2023
Drag Racing Bike Mod APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money)
Name Drag Racing Bike
Version v3.4
Size 26MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Mobster Games


Drag Racing Bike is a racing game built for motorbike lovers. The game was created and developed by the Mobster Games team. With the desire to bring a new experience for players to try. When the game is no longer so important on speed, but more challenging on the steering wheel. See how far you can master the control technique on the mountain passes and bumpy roads. The game has many levels, with countless race tracks created and all difficult to go. Each road is a challenge, just a little neglect can completely give up. But that’s how the game becomes special, bringing excitement to players. The goal is to win and score high, so there will be no giving up. Trying to conquer difficulties is the true meaning of the game.

Download Drag Racing Bike Mod – Challenging Handlebars More With Offroad Driving

Join Drag Racing Bike now to challenge yourself more. Find entertainment in tough challenges. When the player will have the opportunity to become a racer. By their motorbike, together conquer all roads. Driving on mountain roads with steep slopes, and deep pits is extremely difficult to go. There are rocks and terrain as obstacles to the meter, spread across the map created by the developer for the purpose of hindering. To see that the game overlaps with challenges, making players will have to keep trying. Always improve yourself to achieve high skills, if you want to reach your destination quickly and safely. Requires players to know a combination of pedaling to move and braking when necessary. Taking advantage of the terrain itself to gain momentum to overcome. But still, ensure stability, keep the car steady to not tip over to continue the journey. Complete the perfect mission.

Drag Racing Bike Mod

Control system

Drag Racing Bike Mod has an extremely difficult challenge, requiring the high skill of the player. It is necessary to analyze the situation and terrain to come up with an appropriate control plan. Coordinate moving at high speed and slow down when necessary. Always make sure the vehicle can stand firmly on all roads. But the control system is completely the opposite. The game has only two pedals designed to appear on the screen. The left-hand side is the brake used to stop and decelerate the motorcycle. The left side is used to throttle, increasing the speed of the vehicle. In the middle, there are only clocks showing the indicator of speed and throttle torque. Completely unrelated.

Many Motorcycle Models

Drag Racing Bike has a warehouse with all kinds of motorcycles for players to own. Unlock, create a collection to choose from, and take part in the races to try. In addition to the shape is an extremely unique design with unique designs and colorful colors. Each vehicle has its own engine system. Carry power at a speed that can be maximally achieved large or small. The stability when moving depends on each motorcycle. Each type will carry a separate score. What’s better than letting players have the option to choose and test their abilities when sitting on many cars? And it is completely possible to upgrade to achieve higher technical indicators.

Game Drag Racing Bike Mod

Earnings Rewards

Drag Racing Bike Mod can collect rewards in two places. One is to perform the assigned tasks, when completed, you will be given a gift. Or income from the racing competition itself. Just tap to get rewards. Along the way, there are always gold coins as well as diamonds. These are the two necessary values ​​that can be said to be the most important in the game. Because it is used for buying items, unlocking the track, and motorcycles. It is best not to skip even one, if possible completely return to it. Really it will be very useful for players to be able to own more items.

Download Drag Racing Bike Mod

Drag Racing Bike is built in the same terrain racing genre as the legendary Hill Climb Racing 2. More than 80% similar and the only difference is that this game only has motorcycles. There are many challenges created on different paths. So it will take a lot of money if you want to have new motorbikes to ride. Or simply buy clothes for the character to change color. Without accumulation, there is really no possibility to own even a single product. I don’t know when I will get all of it. But the mod will solve that problem, adding the feature of unlimited money. Feel free to shop for the best, ensuring players a great experience.

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