Dragon Battle Mod APK 15.0 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/01/2024
Dragon Battle Mod APK 15.0 (Unlimited Money/Resources)
Name Dragon Battle
Version v15.0
Size 136MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Resources
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Tap Pocket


Dragon Battle is one of the top games on the dragon world theme. It has attracted millions of downloads and thousands of 5-star reviews. The game will take players into the world of dragons. Where you can collect, care for, breed, and train them. From the eggs, you will raise them into mighty warriors. Not only in terms of quality or strength, but the more your dragons also level up, the more beautiful they become. They will also be a great way to help you fight monsters and recover the loot. You will need them to build your dream dragon island. Are you ready? Start building your own dragon island now.

Download Dragon Battle Mod – Nurturing mighty dragons

Currently, there are many dragon-themed games on the gaming market. But Dragon Battle hack is still the best and has the most differences. It is carefully designed from gameplay to content system and graphics. In this way, the game has helped players experience the best. Your main task in the game is to build dragon islands and participate in wars. These two tasks you must perform at the same time to be able to develop the dragons to the highest level. You will fight to earn gold coins used to build islands. On the contrary, you will build islands. Evolve and improve dragons to bring the best warriors to the battlefield. This is what you have to do in this game.

Dragon Battle Mod

Gather resources and raise dragons

At the start of game Dragon Battle, the player will be taken to a deserted island with a long life. Here you will find the first dragon eggs. But before unlocking the dragon eggs, you need to build them a habitat. Each different type of dragon will be compatible with different environments. For example, fire dragons live in lava, earth dragons live in forests, and water dragons live in the ocean… You must understand each dragon system well if you want to build a unique dragon ecosystem.

Dragon Battle Mod

Next, all you have to do is unlock and hatch the dragon eggs. After a while, the dragon eggs hatch into baby dragons. And just like that, you can turn baby dragons into adult dragons and finally legendary dragons. Their appearance and strength will change as they mature. Each dragon has important stats such as HP, attack, defense,… The higher the level, the higher these stats, which means the stronger the dragon. Not only the strength, but the appearance of the dragons is also becoming more and more perfect. You have the opportunity to admire the warriors with toned bodies and large wings. They will make you overwhelmed and excited every time you look at them. In particular, when dragons reach adulthood, they will be ready to pair and give birth to the next generation.

Create many new dragon species

In addition to the dragon system available in Dragon Battle Mod. Players can create many new types and species of dragons by themselves. To do this, you must select and breed two different adult dragons. Any kind of dragon can participate in this process. And their children will carry the DNA of the father dragon and the mother dragon. Therefore, Hybrid Dragons tend to be stronger than regular dragons. This is how you own new generations of dragons that are increasingly advanced. However, growing and hatching eggs requires a lot of resources. You need to collect gold coins and food to speed up. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your mobile device? To admire the variety of new dragon species.

Game Dragon Battle Mod

Stressful dragon battles

In Dragon Battle, the battles of dragons are inevitable. Players will have to send their dragons to the battlefield to fight. When you win, you can win rewards and resources for raising dragons. Or you can find dragons and other legendary monsters. To destroy them and show them the strength and class of your dragon warriors. So these wars will be a challenge to challenge your dragons.

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To join the battle, you must choose a certain number of dragons to form a team. When entering the arena, the dragon warriors will automatically attack the target. Your mission is simply to enjoy their amazing skill moves. Do not forget to take into account the experience gained in each battle. To improve the strength of your dragon squad.

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