Dragon City Mobile MOD 24.5.0 (Menu, 99999 gems 99999 gold, Unlimited money, diamonds, Onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Dragon City Mobile MOD {{version}} (Menu, 99999 gems 99999 gold, Unlimited money, diamonds, Onehit)
Name Dragon City Mobile
Version v24.5.0
Size 156MB
MOD Features Menu, 99999 gems 99999 gold, Unlimited money, diamonds, Onehit
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Socialpoint


Dragons, with their fascinating mystery, often only exist in the world of stories. However, through the game Dragon City Mobile, the Socialpoint development team has provided the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this legendary animal. With the approach of simulating the world of dragons. Players will become talented coaches. By finding and taking care of baby dragons. You can help them grow faster and stronger.

Not only training, players can also strengthen their dragons. To take the dragon collection to participate in exciting wars. Or simply want to build a kingdom, a dragon island for yourself. Creating a growth environment for dragons is one of the great experiences this game brings. The game is available on all platforms and can be downloaded for free from app stores like GooglePlay or from the GenZVNmod website. Join now to discover the wonders of this legendary animal.

Download Dragon City Mobile Mod APK – Train and master your dragon city

When you open the game, you will be greeted by an extremely impressive island. Where every player can build and develop to become professional dragon trainers. The game provides, supports and guides the basic steps necessary for new players. Initially, you will receive an egg and the task is to incubate it to get a dragon. By caring for and nurturing them properly, they will grow very quickly.

You can train your dragons to become powerful warriors. Participate in competitions with other dragon islands. Winning competitions will bring attractive rewards. Could be a lot of money or rare dragon eggs. From there, you can collect different types of dragons to create a large and diverse world. In addition, you can also bring existing dragons to breed. The goal is to breed to create new dragon species. With luck, you can create valuable rarities in your dragon world.

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Many dragon species to collect

In Dragon City Mobile, players will explore a diverse world with countless species of dragons. Each species has unique characteristics and skill systems. The game allows players to freely explore. Freely learn about and collect dragon species according to your preferences. Each dragon species is developed based on its own elemental system. Such as Dark Dragon, Water Dragon, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, or Light Dragon… Both their appearance and skills are adjusted to reflect the characteristics of each type. With each system there will be a series of unique attack abilities.

In each match, players can choose the dragon that suits the situation. Because there is always a complex interaction between the elements, with their own advantages and disadvantages. The colors of the dragons are also designed to reflect the typical colors of each system. Create a dragon world that is always rich, lively and colorful. The special feature of the game is that you can freely name the dragons as you wish. Create unique personalization for each dragon in our collection.

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The game has interesting gameplay

Dragon City Mod brings a unique point beyond just raising dragons. But also the aspect of training and fighting them. Similar to other famous dragon training games. Players can bring their dragons into the arena to challenge opponents. The match is turn-based, with each side having an equal chance to attack. Your mission is to take advantage of the dragon’s skills to cause high damage to the enemy. Or protect yourself with defensive skills.

Each dragon species is created based on a specific element. Therefore, they will have advantages and disadvantages when confronting different systems. This requires players to have a diverse and suitable squad to win. Most importantly, victory doesn’t just rely on eliminating all of your opponent’s dragons. It’s also about preserving the HP index for your dragon squad. It’s challenging and strategic in every match.

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Complete a variety of missions

Each game has a mission section to increase the challenge for players. And Dragon City is no exception. In this game, you will have to complete a series of different missions. Can be daily quests, weekly quests or related to special events. These missions range from taking care of dragons to participating in battles.

Each mission will bring corresponding rewards. And sometimes players can receive valuable items if they are lucky. Usually, more difficult missions will yield higher rewards. Therefore, players will have to try their best to complete missions and collect rewards. From there, build a dragon island full of all species. This is not only a challenge but also a valuable experience for players.

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MOD features of Dragon City Mobile APK

  • 99999 gems, 99999 gold
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamonds

Dragon City Mobile Mod is an upgraded version with many attractive new features. The game is designed with two separate currencies. Allows players to shop and trade to get necessary items. Full gold helps players buy dragon food and other common items. However, diamonds in quantities up to 99999 are the truly valuable currency. Is essential to unlock premium and unique items.

With free shopping becomes easier. You can enjoy the game experience more comfortably and freely than ever before. In particular, participating in battles has also been improved with the damage mod. Helps players deal greater damage to opponents. This creates an exciting combat experience and also helps players progress faster in the game.

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