Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.6.1a (Menu, Unlimited money, diamonds, gems, Unlock characters)

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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.6.1a (Menu, Unlimited money, diamonds, gems, Unlock characters)
Name Dragon Mania Legends
Version 7.6.1a
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, diamonds, gems, Unlock characters
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE


Game Dragon Mania Legends roughly translates as Legend of Dragon Mania. A simulation game to build and develop a city, combined with training dragons to fight. The main characters are dragons of all sizes, shapes, colors, with different powers. Dragon Mania Legends Mod is developed by Gameloft SE. With more than 15 years of dedication to the arts, bringing joy to everyone. With popular games like Asphalt 8 racing game or Gangstar Vegas gun battle game.

Gameloft is back with Dragon Mania Legends APK with an interesting dragon theme. According to ancient Chinese legend, the dragon is at the top of the four spirits including dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix. Dragon symbolizes strength, power and wisdom, holding the most outstanding power and authority. What do you think when you are raised and trained by your own hands. Go on special quests and discover the great and mysterious power of dragons.

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Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod – Game to nurture and train fighting dragons

At the beginning of the game, you will receive free dragon eggs. And you become a real “nanny” when you have to cherish and take care of that egg. After your efforts, the egg will hatch into a healthy, extremely cute dragon. And from here the task of training the dragon army officially began. Train rookie dragons into the most powerful and elite dragon warriors. The game builds how without maps, use them with the acumen to find different lands. And always remember one thing that “wherever you go, it will be clean”, kill all enemies and monsters to make us stronger and richer.

Diverse collection of battle dragons

Based on the shape characteristics, each type of dragon is divided into elemental groups: fire, wind, earth, water, wood, metal, electricity, vacuum and legendary dragon. In terms of system, there will be 4 groups of Dragons containing 1 elemental system, 2 elemental systems, 3 elemental systems or Legendary Dragons (containing only Legendary composite elements). With the number of dragons up to more than 600 can be collected. Dragon Mania Legends allows players to freely breed and train their own dragons. Please come up with your own methods to train to best suit the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of groups to get dragons to promote their full strength.

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Having money is having everything

First of all, if you want to spend money, you must have money, so where does the money come from? Making money in real life is difficult, but making money in game Dragon Mania Legends, you guys just work hard and have fun and have money. When you complete the assigned task somewhere in each level, you will get money. In addition to the money, there are experience points and rubies. Depending on the level of danger and complexity, the reward will also be different. This money will help us buy necessary items or build an expanded range of activities.

A small note is that you should parallel between making money and training and breeding dragons. Don’t be so busy making money that you forget to breed, care and train dragons. Use your ingenuity to collect items earned on the way. To be able to breed, hatch eggs and create new, unique and stronger dragons. Besides, you can also experience the feeling of a hardworking farmer. Build farms with a variety of trees so that the dragons can eat well, sleep well and grow fast. Health enough to breed regularly, giving us a powerful and diverse dragon army.

Dragon Army War

When you have a battle dragon in your hand, boldly register to challenge the strength of the god dragon army. The matches will gradually increase the difficulty level for the game. You will have the opportunity to show the strengths of the troops in your hands. Facing tough opponents, but I believe you will bring victories. The way to determine victory and defeat in Dragon Mania Legends Mod is also very simple. The team that runs out of dragons first will lose. When you win, you will get a lot of money, gold and rubies. But most importantly, seeing your coaching success.

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Seasonal events

Dragon Mania Legends is constantly updated according to seasonal events, very attractive to explore. When playing in online mode, players will be competing with other dragon trainers. After each win match, your position in the leaderboard will be changed. That proves your excellent leadership talent makes many people fear.

Graphics, sound in Dragon Mania Legends Mod

Game Dragon Mania Legends has slightly different graphics than Gameloft SE titles that have ever been released. Although it is a game with a mythical image, the color of the game is pure and cute. How to express space clearly with characteristic tones. Along with that is the scene of spring, summer, autumn, winter, rain, sun or even snow. Makes us sometimes feel like we are immersed in that space.

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If there is only picture but no sound, it is like listening to the radio but the speaker is broken. Mastering that, Gameloft SE has developed an extremely diverse range of sound systems. From birdsong, volcanoes, .. or even the mighty footsteps of dragons. Dragon Mania Legends Mod has rich content, excellent 3D graphics, and a lively sound system. Help us have great experiences, relieve stress after tired working hours.

Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.6.1a (Menu, Unlimited money, diamonds, gems, Unlock characters) 2023

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