#DRIVE Mod 3.1.330 (Unlimited Money, Tracked Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/03/2024
#DRIVE Mod 3.1.330 (Unlimited Money, Tracked Unlocked)
Version v3.1.330
Size 156MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Tracked Unlocked
Support Android 4.4
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Pixel Perfect Dude S.A.


#DRIVE is an addictive car racing game with endless roads. Inspired by the action movies and New York streets of the 70s. With iconic cars of the promised land. The gameplay is to run as far as possible, just be careful not to collide with anything on the road. #DRIVE was created with the simplicity of everything in mind. All you have to do is choose your favorite cars, choose where you want to go and step on the accelerator. No matter where we are, it doesn’t matter whether we drive a luxury car or a mediocre car. We are simply driving, loving cars and passionate about speed

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Racing game #DRIVE is released by Pixel Perfect Dude SA game company. With classic images and never-ending race tracks. Unlike the gameplay of racing legend Asphalt 8 is to increase the throttle and reach the finish line. #DRIVE runs as far as possible, quite similar to the gameplay of Temple Run or Subway Surfers. You become a good driver, constantly increasing the throttle and moving forward. Dodge the obstacles that appear in your way. The only goal is to control your car as far as possible. One thing you need to know is that your car in the game also runs out of gas at times. Pay attention if you don’t want it to turn into scraps and lie motionless.

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Overcoming obstacles

With endless run gameplay, you don’t need to worry too much about speed. Because there will be no competitors before and after. Your goal is to go a long way with lots of bonuses. The money in the game is usually the bottle caps that appear on the road, but sometimes it is also a trap for you. You need to avoid other cars, or other obstacles on the road. If you choose the map as the city then when you let the collision happen. Whether it is a collision with another car or a house on the roadside, the police car will immediately follow you. Try to limit the collision as much as possible if you don’t want to lose money because of the police fine.

Unlock cars and upgrade

With iconic cars in a variety of personality colors. With a design of the 70s, the cars offer a classic but eye-catching look. The vehicle system in #DRIVE is quite diverse in types with 4 paint color options. Mini, Basic, Dirt, Van, Special, Speed ​​… which style do you choose? Each type of car is different, but basically they are very cool. I know you’ll want to own them all, because you won’t be able to resist its beauty. Upgrading vehicles in #DRIVE is also a point you need to pay attention to. Level up Top Speed, Accelebration and Road Grip stats to support increase engine power and speed. After taking them to the next level, you can also downgrade them. Pretty silly isn’t it? But I’m not kidding because you can totally do that in #DRIVE.

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Various topographical maps

In #DRIVE there is not only racing, but you can also travel around the world. The parks in the city center, the harbor, or the white snow-covered roads … a lot of beautiful poetic scenes that you will experience in the game. Maintain the pace of the journey, you will be exposed to different time frames and weather. It’s like you’re going around the world. Try to go far on a long road, and with your beloved car to get the highest score from the game.

Classic 1970 graphics in #DRIVE Mod

Classic 1970 graphics in #DRIVE Mod

The first images of the game also showed us something very old. The police cars that we are so familiar with in American cinema. The landscape of the game or the wooden signposts on the road. Reminds me of the old cowboy movies of the American west. Belonging to the racing game series, but with a different gameplay and no need for speed. Driving in #DRIVE is quite simple and gentle, a great choice for those who like to relax in driving.

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