Download Duddu Mod APK 1.78 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Duddu Mod APK 1.78 (Unlimited Money)
Name Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog
Version v1.78
Size 86MB
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Bubadu


Duddu Mod is an interesting entertainment game that will give you extremely fun gaming experiences. You will take care of your special dog with a lot of work to do. Raising a dog is quite a fun job in this game. You will take care of the dog from meals to sleep, along with many other entertainment features. Watching your dog grow up day by day will be an extremely enjoyable experience. Surely this will be a very good stress reliever and entertainment tool for you. Is a game that you don’t need to spend too much time playing. After completing all the work, coming back to this game will also give you a lot more energy.

Download Duddu Mod – Take Care of Your Dog in Your Own Home

Duddu Mod is a game you can completely join for free, no need to spend any money to get started. You will start to nurture and take care of the dog from the most basic things like a human. Your dog will have different status stakes, to represent his status. There are status piles: the dog’s health level, happy level, hungry and sleepy level. You will need to care a lot about the state of the dog if you want them to be healthy and grow quickly. Take action to respond to the dog’s request immediately. That situation will continue even when you are not using the game.

Download Duddu Mod

Start Raising Dogs

Duddu Mod is a game that is released completely for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. It is very easy for all players to reach. You will start the journey of raising your dog from a young age. There will be first care instructions when you first start playing the game. You will understand all the features of the keypress quickly and easily. In addition to the daily chores when taking care of your dog. You can also join this friend in many other entertaining mini-games. Bringing you more joy and not being bored by the repetitive tasks every day.

Game Duddu Mod

Various Items

Duddu Mod has a lot of different items for you to choose from for your dog. In the food store, there will be many different dishes for pets on display. Choose items with different nutrients so your dog doesn’t get bored quickly. Each dish will also have a different cost, along with the recovery ability will also be different for the status bar. Dog costumes are also made in a variety of ways in the game store. You can make your dog wear the outfits you want. Brings you many more interesting and diverse experiences.

Tai Duddu Mod

Game Graphics

Duddu Mod is a game created by a 2D visual system. Gives you the smoothest and least laggy experience. The game is simulated in a very cute way from all the details. Your dog is made to look like in cartoons. Extremely cute and agile with actions that will make you happy. The items in the game are also made very clear. With just the right amount of detail, just right to match the style of the game. The colors in the game are made very fresh, giving you a lot of energy while experiencing. All mixed together has created an interesting game for you to relieve stress after a tiring working day.

Duddu Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Duddu Mod game version. With the unlimited money feature, it will bring you a lot of particularly interesting experiences. You can enjoy shopping for everything for your dog. No need to care about the amount of money you have or work hard to earn it. Now you can own it all without any hesitation. It will give you a more comfortable experience when raising a dog. This feature will only be available to those using the Duddu Mod version of the game.

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