Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK 1.14.691 (Unlimited Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/10/2023
Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK 1.14.691 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Name Dungeon: Age of Heroes
Version v1.14.691
Size 101MB
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Dungeon: Age of Heroes


Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is an adventure-style game. Released by 4fan studio games team. The game will take players into the battles in the dark dungeon. The incarnation of becoming a hero leads a group to explore, searching for hidden treasures in the deepest locations. A place is full of danger with all kinds of bloodthirsty monsters. Just sensing the presence of outsiders will not hesitate to attack. But only warriors who are truly worthy of bravery and strength have treasures. Constantly improving to increase your fighting ability. Aim to gain absolute power to explore the entire dungeon to become the strongest hero.

Download Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod – Entering the Dark Dungeon

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is built with the world in danger. Invaded by an evil force, the kingdom is slowly falling into ruin. Requires heroes to stand up and players will have to help. Become one of the heroes who lead a team on an expedition into dark dungeons. Desire to find a way to chase and destroy all monsters to return the world to peace. Since there are many monsters in the dungeon, there is definitely a treasure. It is possible that some kind of power is achieved, and the character will have a partial ability to defeat the evil forces. Or you can also use it as a practice to increase the control ability and skills of the character. The difficulty of the dungeon will increase as you go deeper and deeper inside. Don’t give up, do the right thing as a hero.Tai Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Many Scary Monsters

Being a hero looking to save the world from evil forces is bound to have to fight monsters. Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod builds battles divided into small screens. Each level is a stage and will have one or several different types of monsters. Such as zombies, skeletons, goblins, demons, and more. Their power really cannot be underestimated, can completely attack causing rapid blood loss for you. If you are not careful, allowing a large number of people to attack at the same time can completely destroy the character. There is also a final boss, with several times the strength of normal monsters. And of course, to enter the next door, the player needs to destroy and defeat the boss.Game Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Character Features

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is built with quite a few characters. Each one brings a different strength and skill to suit each enemy. For example, Archer uses a bow and arrow as a weapon for long-range attacks. Limit the damage of the intended hit on the body. Warrior is designed with a large body suitable for close combat, ready to solo with any monster. There are also Mage and Rogue who each have their own unique skills. Players will have to learn to look at the ability to give combat accordingly. If you choose correctly, you will definitely get the advantage of defeating monsters easily.Download Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Easy Controls

The way to control the character of the game Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is extremely simple. Built for ease of control. Grasping how it only takes a little bit of tinkering to control the character to participate in the battle. Just press to be able to perform arbitrary actions to move to the selected location. Will ensure that the character does not collide with any obstacles. The special skills corresponding to each character will also appear on the right-hand side of the phone screen. To use is very simple just press the button lightly.Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

To increase your chances of victory against monster-slaying, explore dark dungeons to collect treasures. Players also need to buy the necessary items to equip the character. To unlock skills or upgrade them, absolutely money is required. So this mod is created with an unlimited money feature. As soon as you enter the game, the player will have a certain amount of money to buy the necessary things. To let all possessed characters reach their maximum strength, increase the win rate for each battle.

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