Earth Protect Squad Mod APK 2.83.64 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 22/11/2023
Earth Protect Squad Mod APK 2.83.64 (Unlimited Money)
Name Earth Protect Squad: TPS Game
Version 2.83.64
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 99MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Kisunja - Free Shooting Games


Earth Protect Squad Mod is a survival action game. It will lead you to the grand campaign against the enemy. Of different dimensions. Your mission is to fight the enemy. Allies in the military organization always accompany you to protect the world. Now you have to lead your teammates. Show your shooting skills and devise your survival strategy. In the long journey ahead. There are many weapons, vehicles, and allies to support. You have to equip yourself with the best before going to many places. Like a desert, a city, or a snowy area and face a variety of enemies. Get ready to witness large-scale survival battles using state-of-the-art weapons, ammo, equipment…

Download Earth Protect Squad Mod – Join the battle for survival against space enemies

When starting Earth Protect Squad Mod. You are informed that the world is about to descend into chaos and destruction. When a bunch of enemies from alien space invades Earth. They do not come in peace. But they carry a bunch of advanced weapons and monsters. Huge spaceships and an elite army. First, they destroyed all the important military bases. Then they search for different countries on this planet. Use strange mutant creatures. Capable of infecting humans and turning them into mindless zombies. Since then, their power has grown stronger while humans have become weaker and weaker. In this regard, a team to protect the earth has been summoned with the mission of protecting everyone. Hope that’s you and your allies.Game Earth Protect Squad Mod

Explore unique modes

Earth Protect Squad Mod is set in an infiltrated world. You join the game as an agent of the organization that protects the Earth. Your mission is to gather other allies to fight and survive. Destroy enemies in space. The game has two main modes for you to explore. Includes both single-player and multiplayer. In it, multiplayer mode is considered extremely difficult. Although it is possible to fight together with friends. But you have to work with them effectively. Resources are scarce, enemies are stacked and distributed across the map. You need to stay in touch with your allies to make a survival plan or anything else.Earth Protect Squad Mod

Along with that, the single-player mode of Earth Protect Squad Mod is also challenging. You will work alone with the help of advanced equipment and AI allies. In each mode, your mission is to survive. Survive as long as possible. To destroy all enemies on each level. To do this, you must master the skill of manipulation including moving, shooting, throwing grenades, loading bullets, aiming … Under an intuitive third-person perspective and using virtual buttons on the screen. But here’s how you combine actions to fend off crowded enemies.

Various weapon systems

Earth Protect Squad Mod has everything you need to defeat invading enemies. Includes 4 main weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, and side weapons. Each weapon type gives you a lot of interesting options. For example, you can choose a pistol as a primary weapon, a machine gun as a secondary weapon, a knife as a melee weapon, and a pistol as a side weapon. During the fight, you can take turns using different weapons. In addition, you can also carry grenades to create a big explosion. It also comes with state-of-the-art support equipment. Like drones, missiles, fighter planes, etc. Your job is to choose the right equipment to bring to the battlefield and win.Earth Protect Squad Mod

Realistic 3D graphics

Earth Protect Squad Mod did a great job in terms of graphics. Help create immersive survival experiences for players. Based on high-quality 3D graphics. Provides sharp and realistic images. The characters, equipment, and weapons are extremely detailed and give a realistic look. The feeling of the role-playing game has a very vivid third-person perspective. In addition, the battlefield scene is described in detail and in Earth Protect Squad Mod

Earth Protect Squad Mod will immerse you in this survival game. It is impossible to resist its charm. This is where you can experience your shooting and strategy survival skills. To fight the most fearsome enemies of all time. Share gear with friends or advanced gear to make the battle even easier. Crowded and savage enemies will not give you a chance to relax. There is much more waiting ahead. What are you waiting for, let’s explore with us right away?

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