Easy Game – Brain Test Mod 2.35.0 (Menu, Unlimited Hints, NO ADS)

By MinhDuc - New update 04/03/2024
Easy Game – Brain Test Mod 2.35.0 (Menu, Unlimited Hints, NO ADS)
Name Easy Game - brain test
Version v2.35.0
Size 103MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Hints, NO ADS
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Unico Studio


Easy Game – Brain Test Mod is a puzzle game with lots of interesting questions and extreme brain hacks for you to experience. This will definitely be a game that everyone wants to conquer. The game has a diverse set of questions with countless types of levels that you will hardly be able to predict. The difficulty of each different game screen will make you yearn to conquer and answer. Is a simple entertainment game but creates for you a lot of emotions when participating. The ultimate pride and satisfaction when you can solve the most difficult levels. After a lot of failure and time consuming to be able to solve these not simple questions.

Download Easy Game – Brain Test Mod – The Best Brain Hack Game in the Solar System

Easy Game – Brain Test Mod is an entertaining puzzle game with a lot of interesting elements. The questions posed here can be very easy for you to analyze. But it will also have to deal with very high intellectual questions. The game will produce a picture block with symbols related to the question posed. The question will appear in the center of the game screen. You will analyze and research the question thoroughly before making your decision. Because you will only have a certain number of answers, when the turn is over, your screen will fail.

Download Easy Game – Brain Test Mod

Puzzle Game Is Not Simple

Easy Game – Brain Test Mod is an entertaining game that you can participate in completely free on the game store. Suitable for most mobile phone devices, when the developer has created on both Android and IOS operating system platforms. The game will not be easy with its name: Easy game, which will bring very high intellectual questions. Requires players to think in a logical way and with a high level of discernment. In addition, there will be cases where you need to simplify your thinking because some sentences seem complicated. But its solution is extremely simple and easy. Logic and brain hacking blend together, giving players extreme fun and entertainment emotions when participating.

Game Easy Game – Brain Test Mod

Variety of Levels

Easy Game – Brain Test Mod has an extremely diverse question system, giving you the satisfaction to conquer. It will be very difficult and takes a lot of time for you to conquer all the levels. Because the number is a lot and the difficulty level also changes gradually. In the first level will be quite easy for you to see the key to the answer. But later on, it will be much more difficult. There will be questions that make you struggle to think and try everything but can’t get the answers. The game will also give you a few hints to figure out the solution. But the numbers are extremely limited, so you need to use them correctly so that you don’t waste money on more difficult questions.

Tai Easy Game – Brain Test Mod

Game Graphics

Easy Game – Brain Test Mod is an entertaining puzzle game with simple 2D graphics. We will be solving questions on a simple white background. The question, as well as the image, will be the most prominent test that you need to pay attention to. The question is written clearly and concisely, sometimes you can win by reading the question carefully. Because if you don’t pay attention, you won’t understand the wordplay the game creates. The images in the game are very diverse and related to different questions. Image details are done in a moderate way, enough for players to see clearly.

Easy Game – Brain Test Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the game version Easy Game – Brain Test Mod. You will own an infinite amount of suggestions for questions. So that you can use it whenever you can’t find a way to answer in the most comfortable way. You will not need to consider whether to use help at certain levels or not. Or save for the levels that you think will be more difficult later. Now you have a powerful way to go when you can’t find the key to the question. These hints will have a great effect on answering the game’s questions.

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