Elroi: Defense War Mod APK 1.20.00 (Unlimited Summons)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 27/10/2023
Elroi: Defense War Mod APK 1.20.00 (Unlimited Summons)
Name Elroi : Defense War
Version 1.20.00
MOD Features Unlimited Summons
Size 175MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Ninetap


Elroi: Defense War Mod builds the fantasy world with a long journey. Countless different challenges are created waiting to be explored. The game is created and developed by the team of Ninetap. Wishing to bring the most enjoyable entertainment time for players when participating in the experience. Pre-designed battles, diverse opponents spread across the continent. Join the game to explore, and try to turn yourself into a commander. Demonstrate the ability to devise specific strategies for mobilizing troops. Summons soldiers according to the calculation. Constantly being able to move forward to destroy all enemies that stand in the way. Aim to break through to the last line aka boss. At the same time, maintain the stronghold of your army.

Download Elroi: Defense War Mod – Challenge yourself as a Commander with Full Decision Authority

Elroi: Defense War Mod is a strategy game with a combination of action elements. So the game requires very high skill from the player. When every war can be won or lost based on the decisions made. If you have a good strategy, it will be much easier to win. Joining the player will have full control over everything. The game is designed with a lot of heroes. To make an army for players to fight against monsters in the challenges given. Importantly, each character will have different skills and abilities. Players must master it to get the complete plan. Make each battle, summon troops in a certain arrangement. Leaving at the same time can do much more damage to the enemy than the enemy does. Destroy,Elroi Defense War Mod

Many Passes To Try

Surely there is no game like Elroi: Defense War Mod designed with so many challenges. So up to 500 different gates are spoiled for the experience. Each door will bring a whole new battlefield. Players will have the opportunity to try their hand at fighting against opponents with different armies and levels. The difficulty is also gradually increased accordingly. In the beginning, it is quite easy, even a novice can win. But in the back, if the player has no integrity, it is completely possible to lose. As a strategy game, it takes a lot of brain work to get to the end. Must show all skills to be able to win to continue the journey.Download Elroi Defense War Mod

Unique Characters

The characters that the player can use alone should be up to 200 people. Not to mention the other ingredients that Elroi: Defense War Mod creates to challenge. Appearance, everyone will definitely carry a stereotype. There are diminutive characters as well as those built to enormous size. Skills are also built differently. There are people who attack at close range with swords, there are people who attack with long range. Using bows and arrows, and magic a few people are still no problem. Not only can deal damage but there are also healing-type characters. There are many genres in addition to the male and female gender. It is important for the player to choose the appropriate warriors to bring to the battle. Many genres can complement each other. When each match can only bring up to eight people.Tai Elroi Defense War Mod

Battle With The Last Boss

In the battles that Elroi: Defense War Mod was designed for. In addition to normal enemies with the same strength as ours. Opponents also have bosses with absolute power. Even several times, the blood is not discussed. The column that appears on the screen is extremely long, hitting will also take very little. Meanwhile, if you let it attack again, the damage the player will suffer will be huge. If not careful, the result that the player gets can be a loss. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you have a clear mind, there is always a way to win.Game Elroi Defense War Mod

Elroi: Defense War Mod has a lot of matches that each is completely separate. The difficulty level will be slightly increased every time you pass a gate. In the end, it is really difficult to win, even more, to lose. Meanwhile, each time you participate in combat, you can only equip yourself with eight characters. It takes money and time to summon a person. So the new version was created with an infinite summoning mod, making it easier for players to achieve victory. Without any additional conditions, it is possible to continuously call out soldiers to fight.

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