EMERGENCY HQ Mod 1.9.07 (Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/05/2024
EMERGENCY HQ Mod {{version}} (Speed)
Name EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy
Version v1.9.07
Size 880MB
MOD Features Speed
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Promotion Software GmbH


If you are too bored with the survival game, shoot. Well, today I will introduce an exciting rescue simulation game. EMERGENCY HQ Mod requires the high management skills of the player. Here you are the commander of all the rescue teams in the city. From fire and rescue to security and defense… Our mission is to ensure the safety of the townspeople and develop. Improve the rescue headquarters to become rich and famous. Many challenges will become more and more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to manage forces and resources. To make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As a senior manager, it is not necessary to have a hand in rescue operations. Which is the main brain of each unit. Show your wisdom, experience, and bravery to save people from emergency situations.

Download EMERGENCY HQ Mod – Operating and Managing the World’s Largest Rescue Headquarters

Have you ever thought about becoming a lifeguard? If yes, try the EMERGENCY HQ Mod now and learn how to become a great manager. From an ordinary lifeguard, become a senior administrator of each rescue unit. But to work effectively, it is necessary to understand the work of each unit. From firefighters to policemen to doctors… Each unit takes on different tasks. But they all have the same goal of saving people in the city. Therefore, it is necessary to react quickly to emergency situations. Try to explore and come up with your own strategy for each situation that occurs.EMERGENCY HQ Mod

Rescue emergency situations

EMERGENCY HQ Mod offers an extremely rich-level system. Getting started with the first level is pretty simple. But then the challenge gets harder and harder as you progress and level up. At this time, facing many emergency situations the same time. Force you to have an effective force management strategy to promptly respond. The missions revolve around firefighting for low to high-scale fires. The level is proportional to the difficulty of the game. In addition, situations of shipwreck, and construction collapse. It is recommended to use construction workers and salvage by ship or plane. In addition, emergency situations can lead to human accidents. Therefore, the medical team is always on duty to quickly give first aid and take them to the hospital for treatment.Game EMERGENCY HQ Mod

Keep going, gradually you will get used to the rescue coordination gameplay in EMERGENCY HQ Mod. There will be dozens of vehicles and rescue units operated according to the instructions. So there’s a lot of trouble here, too. But don’t worry, you can play it over and over again to improve your skills. Complete the game with a perfect score. Then you will receive a well-deserved reward. Save bonuses for more work later. Such as improving and expanding the rescue force… Also, pay attention to the time factor. The task must be completed as soon as possible because every situation is always urgent.

Upgrade and expand the rescue headquarters

To face increasingly difficult challenges in EMERGENCY HQ Mod. It is imperative to strengthen the rescue force. First, it is necessary to unlock new facilities and add essential vehicles such as fire trucks, police cars, airplanes, helicopters, sprinklers… In addition, it is also essential to upgrade the headquarters to increase flexibility for units. Constantly developing and expanding offices, administration, parking, training facilities… Once the force has grown to a certain level, a smarter strategy is needed to manage it. Always heed emergency warnings and be ready with the rescue team.download EMERGENCY HQ Mod


EMERGENCY HQ Mod is designed by the publisher Promotion Software GmbH. It is simulated on a high-end 3D graphics platform. Delivers sharp and realistic images. Rescue stations, military forces, vehicles, city backdrops… They all look real. The movements are also very smooth, highlighting the actions of the rescue team during emergency operations. The game world is always bright, the music is lively and engaging.ear EMERGENCY HQ Mod

Come to EMERGENCY HQ Mod and show your management talent. This is an idle but addictive game. So since its debut, it has received a lot of support from people. All you have to do is touch the screen to experience. Operate the lifeguards, and prepare everything to ensure a timely response to any situation. Ensure the safety of residents and rescue teams. Make the rescue station even better. Increase the power and means necessary to face increasingly difficult tasks.

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