Empire Defender Offline Games Mod APK 2.18.3 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/11/2023
Empire Defender Offline Games Mod APK 2.18.3 (Unlimited Money)
Name Empire Defender Offline Games
Version v2.18.3
Size 128MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers ZITGA


Are you looking for an offline tower defense game? If that’s true, try Empire Defender Offline Games Mod experience. Is a game by the publisher ZITGA. Since its launch, it has attracted many players around the world. By the familiar tower defense gameplay. In addition, it is also designed on a pretty graphic background. So it is very easy for players to be immersed in it. Includes a unique hero and tower system. There are also hundreds of level-by-level maps to explore. With this rich content, system can be played for hours. Your mission is to save the kingdom from the hordes of darkness. Show skills and strategies to build a solid defense. Destroy all the monsters to win.

Download Empire Defender Offline Games Mod – Classic Tower Defense

Empire Defender Offline Games Mod is the latest version of the tower defense game. Bringing new gameplay with many improved functions. It even works offline so it can be played anywhere, anytime. Join the game, you will become the commander of the kingdom. This place is being threatened by the forces of darkness. So, the player’s task is to guard the border and protect the peace. It takes great strength to suppress. It is necessary to summon the bravest heroes and build a solid defensive base. Combine units together to create a strong base. Enemies with increasing numbers over time. Find a way to fight back. Don’t let them get into the fortress.Game Empire Defender Offline Games Mod

Take part in exciting battles

Story mode is the most typical mode of Empire Defender Offline Games Mod. Brings fierce battles corresponding to each level achieved. In combat, the task is to build defenses. All you have to do is click on the screen at points on the map to build towers. You can also summon heroes and cast different spells. Enemies will attack the kingdom in waves and move in a specific row. Heroes and towers will automatically attack the target. In the meantime, you have to use summoner spells yourself depending on the battlefield situation.Empire Defender Offline Games Mod

After a certain number of waves of attacks, it will be possible to pass a level of Empire Defender Offline Games Mod. A new battle will be waiting for you soon after. The number of enemies and their stats are also proportional to the level. In total there are more than 30 types of enemies with different unique abilities. In addition, it is possible to face bosses at the end of each difficulty level. Don’t underestimate bosses or minions, judge them by HP and damage. Your goal is to beat them all and win in every arena. There are more than 100 different achievements waiting for players to conquer them. The game also features competitive tournaments where it is possible to compete against other players online.

Tower and hero system

Currently, Empire Defender Offline Games Mod equips itself with a unique defense system and character. Specifically, it has 4 typical tower types such as Bow Tower, Mage, Warrior… Each type of tower has its own function and has up to 5 upgrade options. After each upgrade, the tower will not only improve in appearance but also become stronger and more flexible. Brings more than 11 heroes of different types. Heroes can also be upgraded to improve stats such as HP, damage, defense… With a collection of powerful heroes and towers. Surely you will have more chances to win. In addition, you will also find more than 120 interesting maps with many different types of terrain for players to experience.Empire Defender Offline Games Mod

Detailed design and fine-tuning

Empire Defender Offline Games Mod has its own distinctive features. Compared to other defense games it is more carefully designed. It is based on 2D graphics but still describes each image in detail. Specifically the tower and hero system. They are the best warriors. They have many unique forms around the world. The battlefield scene is also diverse. Each map has its own beauty and characteristics, bringing newness. Create fighting inspiration for players. In addition, the background music combined with the skill sound adds to the appeal of the battle sequence.download Empire Defender Offline Games Mod

Thus, Empire Defender Offline Games Mod is an attractive game in many ways. Bring moments of relaxation to users after stressful and tiring working hours. Because it includes a challenging mission system. Help you show your strategic talent. Combine different units and conquer these missions. The rewards are not just bonuses, but also titles and rankings.

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