Empire Warriors Premium MOD 2.5.31 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Rune Keys, Vip Point, Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/03/2024
Empire Warriors Premium MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Rune Keys, Vip Point, Free Shopping)
Name Empire Warriors Premium
Version v2.5.31
Size 91MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Rune Keys, Vip Point, Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers ZITGA


Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK is a pretty famous strategy game. So right from the launch, it has been well received by many people around the world. Offers a combination of defensive style and combat role-playing. Recreate the epic war in the kingdom of India involving many races. As humans, elves, orcs, dwarves… There, the player is tasked with becoming the strategist of the kingdom of Endia. Help Prince Jave fend off Grando’s forces. The main enemies are the legion of orcs and the forces of darkness. They are becoming stronger and fiercer than ever. Therefore, a smart action strategy is needed. Carefully study each tower and hero type to arrange them properly on the battlefield. Join and show off your kingdom’s legion strength now.

Download Empire Warriors Premium Mod – Classic Defensive Strategy Gameplay

Are players brave enough to start a fierce battle in the game Empire Warriors Premium? It’s a classic tower defense game. Along with the typical elements of role-playing games. Experience with a comprehensive strategy that promises to make you not be missed. In the game, the task is to lead your legion to defeat the enemies to protect the kingdom. Use clever strategies to fend off endless waves of attacks. Each battle takes place in many unique terrains, from swamps, frozen mountains, dungeons, underground… Conquer every battlefield like a strategist. It doesn’t take too long, really you just control the game with your fingertips.

Empire Warriors Premium Mod

Show strategy on the battlefield

To win the defense battle Empire Warriors Premium Mod. Players need to be ready with their defensive legions. These are towers that are fully equipped with all kinds of combat weapons. Help destroy enemy troops easier and faster. They cannot go to war on their own and need your specific strategies. Participating in the battle requires players to choose the battlefield, and arrange and organize to protect the fortress of the kingdom of India. Against the wave of attacks from the orc army and the forces of darkness.

Empire Warriors Premium Mod

Diverse defensive formations

Game Empire Warriors is equipped with an extremely diverse number of defense towers. These include the Tower of Thunder: They are a base for training and creating horsemen to block the direction of the enemy’s attack. Archer Tower is a type of tower that deals physical damage and has the ability to support neighboring towers. Magic Tower is a type of tower that deals magic damage from the lords of the kingdom. These witches have the ability to summon magical dragons in the square.

Golem Tower is a type of tower that can summon stone gods, especially they deal great damage. Each tower has its own unique characteristics. It is required to arrange them in a reasonable way. Let them support each other, and at the same time play a key defensive role in key positions. However, depending on the battlefield situation, a specific strategy is required to maximize the effectiveness of the towers.

Empire Warriors Premium Mod

Discover unique heroes

Version Empire Warriors Premium provides a hero system just enough to use. Want to build a solid defense? The first is the hero Jave, the prince of the land of India. He is the leader of the fortress. With high HP and sword melee attacks. Next is Zelos a hero with magical abilities, and Leon with the ability to summon five monsters. Elowyn has speed and devastating tornado attacks. Each hero has a maximum of 4 abilities that they can use in battle. In addition, they have basic stats with different values ​​such as HP, damage, defense, speed… Of course, it is possible to upgrade them to improve these stats and increase their strength. . During the battle, heroes and towers can be controlled by touching the target to select.

download Empire Warriors Premium Mod

Overall, Empire Warriors Mod is really a complete strategy game. So that players can experience a satisfying way. It’s not all about passive battles, just sit back and watch the towers. With heroes fighting automatically. The battlefield can be controlled by selecting targets, repositioning tower units, and upgrading more towers and heroes. It’s really addictive with this dynamic and strategic gameplay. Join us and experience many interesting things that are waiting for you right now.

HOT features of Empire Warriors Premium

  • Beautiful graphics, sharp HD standard images.
  • The game has simple gameplay, easy to control and manipulate.
  • The system of watchtowers, soldiers, and generals is extremely rich.
  • Exciting background music, stimulating players.
  • Lots of attractive levels with difficult challenges.
  • There are online leaderboards for you to compete with people around the world.
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